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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By joakim , 20-06-2004

Surfshop? - Where can i find a good surfshop ? Iwill travel down from spain i would like to by a board somewhere up north in Morocco... is that possible ???

thanx 4 answers

By , 13-06-2004

kenitra - I will be in Kenitra for a week in the end of august visiting a freind. After that week my freind is leaving for an American University; I would like to stay longer by myself and hopefully catch a good swell. Anyone have any advice as to what spots are good in the Kenitra area, and if there are any guest houses or other lodging arrangements available on a beach there. Much appreciated. Merci beaucoup.

By anonymous , 12-06-2004

- Hi ryeyes,

just back from 3 weeks in morocco. Forget about just wearing boardies and a rashie! I was freezing in my shorty! By the way, waves were very small to non-existant for most of the time. Winter is the time to go!

By , 28-05-2004

boards and vans - hey any and every one, headng to morroco at the end of june really chasing a good second hand board where is the best place to find one? also looking to find someone with a van who wants to share a few costs beers and waves naturaly.oh the water over summer eg july and august cooking right?bordies and a rashie?

By Mehdi , 11-05-2004

The left of Dar Bouazza - The weather is getting mad because of our polution, so mad that even the morrocan sunshine pains to come out!
But surf is still massive in the little village of Dar Bouazza, 25 kilometers south of Casablanca, where I have a little guest is my e-mail

By Free surfer around the world , 23-04-2004

SURFSHOPS - Taghazoute - I Larby, thanks for the surfboard that you sale to me. It´s working like an animal! This surfboards brand is very good - BoardCulture surfboards. Every surferes should be try this brand. It´s from Portugal company?
Your surfshop is the best of Taghazoute.
Good waves every one.

By , 17-04-2004

Keen to surf Morocco in June? - Hey,
I am a New Zealand surfer planning to head down from UK to surf morocco and possibly head up towards portugal starting in June. Going solo because my mate bailed. Haven't really made to many plans just yet. Would appreciate any advice about where to go for waves (and surf gear as all mine got left in NZ!) around that area. I would call myself a beginer/intermediate surfer who is keen to step it up a bit. Also any comments about dangers, places and situations to steer clear of would be awesome. If anyone is keen to link up somewhere and maybe share some travel costs then that would be sick!
Can't wait for some sun and surf!

By Morocco Taco , 15-04-2004

Corrections - Tunisia does get good surf- better than Israel because it's all left point breaks. Also, keep in mind evidence is now coming out which indicated the recent attack in Spain as being heavily funded by the Moroccan drug trade. At American campsites you don't have to worry about your throat getting slit by Algerian jihadis crossing over the boarder. Your country may have its good things, but it still is a very dangerous place for most white-asses. Thsi posting will be up approximately 12 minutes before the webmatser deletes it, so remember all these things. Why will the webmaster delete it? Because he is anti-American and he often can't deal with reality. If you want relevance, I'll say that MOROCCO SURF CAN GO OFF!!! But is more often than not fat, mushy, and with bad currents.

By anonymous , 15-04-2004

to kenny, by local - it's amazing sometimes to hear or read about the image some people have about your country. morocco is known for being the country where you get the best hospitality from locals. like everywhere so sad events (murder can happen). no one can be 100% safe in any country even the most developped ones. how many people murdered or gun shot in america compared to morocco? moroccon cities are 100 times safer than european or american cities. I've travelled a lot around the world (lived in france, in the UK, travelled trough USA) and seen violent scenes I'had never seen in my own country. true that in the very touristic cities (agadir, essaouira, marakech, street vendors can be very insistant, but their goal is to make you by something from them (is it wrong when what you earn for a month and makes live a whole family represents what an american or a european earns in one day or spend in a bar in one time?)
About travelling in so called westenrn friendlier countries, what a great advice you give: tunisia is very similar to morocco (but no surf) and mauritania is full of landmine. Ivory coast have civil war, senegal is cool, but even more than in morocco you'll be seen as a walking wallet. South africa is not safe at all.
Maybe you should stay in your own country and lock yourself at home?

By Kenny , 08-04-2004

To Chrissy - You shouldn't be surprised that Americans/Westerners are disliked in Morocco. If you're not an arab or muslim, you should exercise great care when travelling through the country, especially if you're alone. The Moroccan street vendors are infamous for being aggressive in hazzling you into buying something, and I've heard a few stories of Westerners walking on the beach away from any hotel having problems with the ever-present street kids, who will start throwing stones at you or taunt you in some other aggressive way.
BTW, Matthew Sheppard - the gay college student that was killed in Wyoming in 1998 - was attacked and gang-raped during his visit to Morocco (Marrakesh) a few years earlier...
Plus there's been a war going on between Morocco and Western Sahara, although a UN-led cease fire has been in effect since 1991.
So if you absolutely wanna go to North Africa, maybe you should try Western-friendlier countries such as Tunisia or Mauritania instead?

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