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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By laurent , 04-04-2006

morocco august ? - hi there,

planning to go surfing in august ? have i got chance to get some waves ? and if so where would be the best option ? thnaks for your help

By , 27-03-2006

swell in mayjune - hi heading to morocco in may/june...whats the swell like & where is the best place to go??

By c , 15-03-2006

morocco in april 2006 - we are 3 girls going to morocco in april to surf. could anybody tell us good places (specially clean and close to the spots) to stay in? tks a lot!!

By , 13-03-2006

April - so, anyone been to Morocco in April and can comment on the surf conditions?

By , 20-12-2005

Morroco surfari 1973 - I spent May thru` September on a Morrocan Surfari driving/camping from Assila in the north until Agadir in the south.The best was near Kenitra, the point break off the jetty - awesome! Only me and an Aussie there. Assila was real stoke, stayed & surfed there for nearly a month. Near El Jardida was heavy, but had great sessions with a local from Agadir. Agadir was pure shit.
Back then I met a total of 12 surfers & 4 of them were Morrocans (one kid we called 'mosquito').The photos you show are great.I dream to take my kid on another surfari there before I croak-out

By , 16-12-2005

Accomodation at Killers - Can anyone tell me if there is accomodation at Killers or do you have to stay in Taghazoute? What's the best way to find accom in Taghazoute...just turn up? I'm going at Christmas time, I guess it will be busy?

By Mick campos , 28-11-2005

Surfing Morocco 1 month sick met dane reynolds too - Just got back from morocco after a month of consistent surf and good winds great place uncorwded nice people lovely landscape and best of all long right hand points , first off i stayed in tagazoute village for a week not good at all got some stuff stolen out of the hotel front desk in a lock up box ..umbeleivable so i decided to go to a surf camp felt much safer as there all run by tourists i found rapturecamps online through wanna surf glad i found these guys as one was an aussie and austrian josh and simon good guys we surfed the whole coast line alot of spots i had never heard of , sick great food and meet some nice chicks there to ,i m really glad i did a month in morocco as theres so much to see there , and a few weeks wouldnt have been enough , did a few days in the atlas cold as marrakech was awesome to really moroccan , as agadir is real touristy , it got big the swell but not big enough for safi which next time when i return it will get solid 10ft hopefully fingers crossed.but the best thing on the whole trip was surfing with dane reynolds he was stying there in the camp for 10 days making his new film something about dane or the great dane i think it was called , he rips man air carves you name it he does it and with style and ease really cool guy to hang out with i learnt alot from watching him surf. ooh well im dragging on sorry but morocco worth a look .

By , 27-11-2005

Road Trip to Morroco - Hello,

I'm planning a road trip to Marroco and I would appreciate some help... I would like to know some good spots, place to stay and water temperature. If you also want to join us, please letme know.

By , 26-11-2005

I need informations - Hi everyone, Please, I'd like you send me the adress and contacts of Morocco federation of surfing. Thank you very much.

By , 23-09-2005

MAROCCO IN LATE DEC / JANUARY 2006 - Hi All, greetings from warm Brazil!!!
So, yeah planning a trip to Marocco, travalelling on my own, any info will be welcome...Is it better to bring a 3/2 or a 4/3 for this seoson? I am planning on a 6´1, 6´4 and 6´7..should I bring any bigger for ANKAS? Looking for a commited surfer/s to go up searching for the good ones..Anyone interested pls be in touch...
Cheers and keep charging...Surely will have a great time in Marocco soon!
Best Regards from the soccer land!

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