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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Anonymous , 21-06-2006

heading to morocco in october - i´m an aussie heading down to morocco and looking to rent out a apartment/room somewhere in october for a month,looking to stay around essaouira,and drive depending on the swell,anyone with tips on accomodation or a smaller town to hang out around that time of year,please send me a line,thanks jeff

By , 30-05-2006

Surf trip in Morocco ,June - Hi we are two guys from the Czech republic going for a surf trip to Morocco in the first half of June.I would be very thankful for any info concernig the car renting in Casablanca. Are there any local car rent companies and what are the prices ?Also what is best place to surf this time of year?Looking to meet some new friends .Let us know!

By abdo , 11-05-2006

hi - hello

how are you
i ve heard that you are heading to morocco to spend your holiday , being moroccan boy and live in agadir city
it sounds wonderful with nice beach and sunny weather , if you need some help i can do being moroccan boy
and tell you about my country , if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me
i can show you some places where you can rent instead of expensive hotel
wish to hear from you ...write to my

yours sincerly

By Radwan Lachhab - , 09-05-2006

Car rental - Every inch of Morocco is so beautiful that I highly recommend you rent a car to enjoy the ofton stops for closer looks and ocean views, photographs, roadside fruitstands, etc..there are many sites you can book a car in advance...we also have enterprise and Budget dominating the market. speed limits vrs 40k in the cities, 60 or 80 on bigger roads, 120 on the highway. plenty of speed checks in major cities, mostly you will easily see the policeman with his camera on a tripod, but sometimes they are hiding behind some bushes. If you get caught you will pay 400 dirhams (about 40 euro). A large part of the Moroccans drive safely, but the taxis, especially the grand taxis, are real cowboys that make travelling through Morocco a lot less safe, especially when they start overtaking trucks on the most dangerous places. peace°°°°°

By paja_m , 21-04-2006

surfing in morocco in June ? - Hi! We are two women who want to go surfing this summer in Morocco, BUT we are wonderding how many tourists there will be typically at the beaches where people surf (preferably beach break beginner/all surfer)I mean I've been in Morocco before and it's not a place u want to be the only "unaccompanied" female around in the area? And if so where is a good spot, approximately? Can we rent boards there? Is it cold?
Thankful for all information.

By anonymous , 21-04-2006

- what a creepy benorocks !shut up you dumb@ss

By , 20-04-2006

by car - Hi,
me and my friens going to morocco this summer, probably july, and i need to know if it's easy and cheap to rent a car down there. Or does somebody know a better way to travel for 3-4 weeks.

see ya

By , 09-04-2006

surf in morocco - yeah so i live currently in VA, im moving to Hawaii this summer and ive surfed for a long time going to morocco cause im from there so i can visit family and just have a good going from april 9th to the if your there get at me at if you want to meet up and surf or if u want me to take you around or something...later

By Radwan Lachhab - , 05-04-2006

Best time for a Surf trip - Hey fellow surfers! who ever is planning a surf trip to morocco, I suggest june or july toping the year. bring along your own surfboard but no wetsuit is needed unless you've got yeast Infection or Lupus ;) I have moved to morocco 10 month ago and I for one will boldly proclaim the country has some badass spots, the breaks in jadida got strong swells because of its compromised geographical position and onshore winds, for longboarders I suggest temara or dar Boaza known for its notorious mushy, slow and sectiony waves (and the list is long) for the suckers questioning security issues, go to hell cause the country merited the most desirable category for tourist safety- the same category as the United States, but I frankly question the US ranking rather then morocco's. Peace - radwan

By laurent , 04-04-2006

morocco august ? - hi there,

planning to go surfing in august ? have i got chance to get some waves ? and if so where would be the best option ? thnaks for your help

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