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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By , 12-06-2007

one of the best in the north - yeah,really,I can tell ya that it is one of the best spot in the north.The region is very quiet,friendly people,nice cheeks,surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere.If u are passing by,dont miss the opportunity to take off on one those wonderful waves.But be careful of thr rocks and corals when it is low tide.cheers.

By Anonymous , 01-06-2007

tagore - dont miss it

By peter kanes , 30-05-2007

good wave - this wave is very hard to surf. I surf on this spot o my god. I tell you whats about this wave.this wave you cant surf more than 6ft.because you got a terible barel and tube bring you to the reef.

By a tagor local. , 20-05-2007

msg from the locals - tagore is NOT a spot for debutants it breaks on a very aggresive coral plate. anybody who won't say hi to the local guys and who won't respect the priority rules on the peak will not be respected, is he kelly slater or not. have a good surf.

By Anonymous , 10-04-2007

great place man..great place - a foreigner living in mauritius. im soo stoked to find a nice photo of this place. past years i have surfed this place at EPIC conditions but never had a its nice to see.this place doesnt get too corwded which is good. but i guess it is because no body really know where it is. anyway. this place is nice. it runs fast and pretty heavy. you gotta make that drop if you dont want to be banged on the corrals and rocks. at times the water isnt all that clear so make sure to cover your head when you bail in. anyways enjoy this place. if you find it

By ghetto boy , 07-04-2007

local tagore - tagore is the left best wave in the north of mauritius.that the local surfer like to surf tagore .because tagore is the best point break on the must be a quicker rider to take off on the point because the tube is on shalow water ,if you miss the wave your place is at [samu 114]haha haha we forgot the white short that the bad mind of peaple on west got some nice spot on the north right and left to surf.

By , 11-11-2006

Tagore - hi!!!
i want to say that tagore is one of the most beautiful spot i have ever surfed.In fact,im studying in russia and during my holidays in august im going home and every morning checking the waves on tagore.i would say that the locals are rather cool because they are all good friends of mine.try to get in contact with the locals and they will bring you to some nice spots like "la pointe du diable" just besides Maritim hotel.On the other hand be careful of the rocks on tagore when it`s low tide!!!!!cheers!!!

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