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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By anonymous , 12-08-2004

respect and common sense - I'm sure the locals will be more tolerant of people who don't show up in big groups AND show utmost respect in the water.

By anonymous , 01-08-2004

Compaired to Costa. - What is better Costa Rica or Mauritius?

By anonymous , 19-04-2004

Get on a plane and go - Tamarin is a great wave and it is lots of fun also, it is hollow mots of the way and as far as turns go, you have to be fast. It seems that alot of guys had trouble with the locals. I have surfed there twelve times over the last twenty years and they have always been very warm and welcoming, alot of the local surfers make there living from tourist related industries, they are not stupid, they know that the foreign money is needed. As far as the girls go, they are really great and welcoming. I have been married for the last seven years, so in my last three trips I havent paid much attention to them. There are other breaks on this island, the secret is to get in early before the wind picks up. There are taihiti style reefs, but most are far out. Tamarin is one of the more pleasant waves on the island, the rest are very heavy-be careful which place you paddle out at, ask local fisherman if people surf there, if they say no then dont bother.! if you snap your board it is a very long paddle from most of the further out reefs. While you are in that part of the world, visit Reunion also, more topless babes and ST leu rocks. If I had to choose between the two island, I would say go to Mauritius, there are so many surfable waves.

By , 24-03-2004

Cyclone surf in jan 2004 - Hey trix, I was out there for 2 months (dec/jan) and surfed some of the cyclone swell. Didn't really surf much in the south of the island, stuck to south west side, but I can tell you now, the days following the cyclone were totally insane. It was about 10ft at tamarin and one-eyes. Ive not sufing too long so i didnt paddle out. I did hear about some psycho who paddled out a gris-gris (Soulliac) after the cyclone, got worked pretty badly on the reef think he was in a coma last time I heard! Mookie Baylock

By , 10-03-2004

not all of maricious is windy - ok i prob went to the most windest part of the island, south west, near blue bay spot, if there is a spot there. i surfed a spot down there, it was near the shandarni hotel.
it was windy some days but most of the time it was a good 3 - 4 ft. it was my first time abroud surfing a reef. i surfed there december 2003 - jan 2004. i am only 17, but still manage to stick some deep barrells out. on the last 3 days i was there a cyclone came through, u may of heard of it on the tv. it was 50 km away from where i was staying. it kicked up a nice swell the day before, the just turned to massive white wash, then on the last day of my trip the wind swong NW and clear skies came through. i had to catch a plane at 11am that day, as i had been up all nigth with this hot bird, i grabbed my board at 7am. got out the back using the channel. i swear it was like 8ft plus. biggest i had surfed abroud. i was loving it out there, there was only 2 other guys out that day, so could pick waves. it was so fast, some hollow ones but overall it was the best surf ever, better then the night before with this chick. i was so stoked that i nearly missed my flight home, wich i had now. next day or later that day i heard that another wave of bad weather came through leaving some of my mates delayed for a day. does anyone know what the surf was like after that cyclone. and is it true that this area is one of the sharkiest place in Maricious.
it was a cool trip, wanner go back when i take a gap yr, if i do.
big up to those other two guys, dont know who you were. but it was cool suring with yar all.
see you all in the green room.
tris, BOurnemouth, England

By anonymous , 28-01-2004

no title - no its rum!

By California , 08-01-2004

export - Is it true that this country's number one export product is drum sticks?

By anonymous , 26-12-2003

partyboy - check "lost island of santosha" surf film. look for the long left on it. Tamarin.

By Mr Dodo , 23-12-2003

Ile de Dodos - Definitely the armpit of the Indian Ocean. Only one real quality break at Tamarin, and it is ruled by the White Shorts locals whom will demand all non-locals leave the water. No waves for you, kook. Other spots are so frikken windy they are not worth surfing, and if you do; you will come back to find your hire car vandalized. Not such a great place, Mauritius. Reunion is better, for waves and for the people.

By anonymous , 20-12-2003

cool - I want to surf Tamarin !

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