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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By wildbluexpeditions , 05-11-2011

Catamaran charters - Madagascar - now you can check the channel back with our charters.
follow us on Twitter @wildbluexp
we are going to Ifaty and unexplored waves along Madagascar SW coast summe 2012 onwards

By V.S. , 17-05-2008

Hey Sceptic.... - Get onto Google Earth, find the gap in the reef off-shore and you will see how this spot is a perfect left and right. I recall anchoring in the gap after my first 'late' night in Ifaty and watching the flawless lefts and rights rolling through either side of me. What an awakening! Unless you lived in J-Bay, Gnarloo or Oyster Point twenty years ago you won't have any idea what its like to surf perfect crowdless waves until you too drop anchor in the gap off Ifaty.

By Anonymous , 13-10-2007

To the sceptic - Thats the beauty of this spot, its a left and a right. I saw the waves breaking flawlesly in '95. Totally empty. A serious wave a few km from shore out in the open ocean. Stayed with chez Michelin north of that whacky wild west beach-bar town. Good memories...I wonder what the place is like now.

By Anonymous , 22-06-2006

Agree - Nice pics!
I saw the place peeling, both the right and the left while visiting 10 years ago. It was empty we were out fishing in a canoe and I didn't have me board. Have been wondering all these years what it would have been like....

By sceptic , 08-06-2006

????? - how can these 2 pics be the same spot 1 is a left the other is a right ??

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