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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By lamoucate , 08-05-2013

Tulear, Madagascar - I've been living and surfing in and around tulear since 2009. If anyone wants any info feel free to drop me a line!

By crustysurfer , 30-05-2012

Surfing madagascar - i spent 5 weeks surfing prime season on the SE and SW coast of madagascar in 2011, there are some awesome waves and some pit falls. if you're on it, you'll score, research is key, give me a shout if you thinking of going there,

By wildbluexpeditions , 05-11-2011

Catamaran charters - Madagascar-Mozambique - We organize catamaran charters from our platform launching in 2012 to Madagascar any spot or to explore new spots.
check for preliminary info, and on Twitter @wildbluexp.
We will bee fully operational in summer 2012 for any 1 to 3 weeks charters.

By crustysurfer , 03-02-2011

Madagascar Surf Adventure - Hi, I'm gonna be in Fort Dauphin from the 27th of August 2011 for about 2 weeks before making my way to Tulear and Anakao on the SW coast, I'll be there for about 3 weeks. I've done quite a bit of research on madagascar and spoken to a lot of people who have been there. I'm looking for some travel partners, keen to score amping waves. Keen on doing some boat trips with the surf camp on the SW. If you going as a group over this time, please contact me, I'm kitted with some very nice Camera gear (Canon 7D and Canon 400mm zoom lens + waterproof Canon D10) and would like to join as a surf photographer / fellow surfer. You can get hold of me on

cheers Justin

By edgar81 , 18-01-2011

Surftrips from Antananarivo - Hi
does anyone know how far it is from the capital to the next decent surfspot? I'll be working in Antananarivo for a few months from March on, so I'm wondering whether there are surfspots reachable for like a weekend trip, or maybe 3-4 days. I heard some of the roads to the coast are in pretty bad condition...
any kind of info in respect to spots and travel options greatly apreciated!

By surfingaxelino , 11-07-2010

Surfing in Fort Dauphin - Hey Fano,

I went there without a board or a car, but if i would have to do it over again i would take both with me. Anyway it was quite easy to get a board after all, only that the board wasn't apt for what i would call "high preformance surfing". Just walk to the beach and the local kids will direct you to someboday how will have a board to rent.
I scored my best waves at Monseigneur, but the locals ill happily take you to other good spots (if you pay for it).

even if you don't bring a board, it will still be a good idea to take a lot of wax with you, because this is really scarce down there and it makes it a nice gift for the locals.

have fun and take care


By Fano , 10-07-2010

surfing in Fort-Dauphin - Hello!
I'll be staying there next August, and would like to keep in touch with anyone who has surfed there, local as well as visitors.

By Anonymous , 06-10-2009

Mâts cassés - pour les galères de matos (wind), Nicolas Zabala et Pierre Godet ont du top matos à La Réunion (384 Euros par bateau AR/ billets ville du Port à la Run)

By Anonymous , 13-07-2009

sharks? - I don't think great whites are the problem,I think you get more tiger sharks there...those are the problem...are there really those much sharks?or is it just to scare surfers & keep em away from perfect waves?can someone who has gone there answer,please,thanks :)

By surfingaxelino , 29-01-2009

getting a board on the island - hello everybody,

i'm going to visit the island for some months due to some research work for my studies (biology). because i will need a lot of equipment, i would be happy not to have to drag a baord with me. my question now is, if i can get something to ride on the island or if it is impossible. i will be working in the toliara area.
it would be perfect to get some information

have fun


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