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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Mumba point


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By Anonymous , 21-05-2007

Glad the place is still there - I was in Monrovia for a month or so in 03 carrying food aid. I caught Mamba and a couple of other close totown spots pretty good. The people were really nice considering what was going on. I made some pretty good friends and got to surf by myself. I got reeeeealy sick a month or so after I got home. Some sort of parisite my doctor said. I was on Flagly? (the strongest antibiotic for parisites) for a couple of weeks. I surfed that nasty beach break south of the point everybody shits on a few times, so I guess I had it coming.

If any Liberians read this could you please check on Mamasam. She's an old lady that has a bar/snack shack on the main road just north of the main port entrance. She has a little monkey and was obsessed with watching the old re-runs of "Dallas". Tell her that Tom Sattelite asked about her. The working girls wouldn't leave me alone so I told them that my wife worked for the CIA and was watching me with a spy sattelite. I was joking but it worked. Thus the name.

World class surf when on. World class nasty water all day long.

By , 10-12-2006

monrovia - hi guys, im gonna be in monrovia for about 2 months from about the 20th of december. any chance i can buy aboard there or must i bring my own. also how consistent is it. any surfers there pls email me any info.thanks alot.

By , 11-11-2006

Nice to hear that - Hi daniel,it is nice to hear that u are okay and the family is ok.well it is about time for you to come cuz we started going to robertspot and it is amazing. Arthur,Bassam,Ziad,Sameer,and me of course are catching great waves with perfect breaks,u just cant xplain it. Hope to see yo soon. SAM

By keith-- , 02-09-2006

I Love Liberia - Any Liberian Surfers, e-mail me. BTW, this spot is actually Rock Town, on the other side of downtown Monrovia from Mamba Pt., not mumba pt. Is a sweet loooooong wave when the swell is at least 7-8 ft. For those reading, the good swells in Liberia for the points like this one and Robertsport (2.5 hours drive) are from about July-Sept. (although I'm not 100% sure about Sept.--could even head into Oct.). The good news is that Cooper's Beach (right next to Silver) is an awesome rocky/sandy reef that makes the most consistent fun surf out of a 4-5 foot swell. Great when it turns SE. You can have fun here almost any day of the year if it's not too big. Paddle out and to the left, but watch out for the big rock ("the bitch") at low tide. Once the swell hits 6-7 feet, go to the points. Coming

By daniel , 21-03-2006

where are ya boys? - arthur, bassam, sam, ziad - where are you? how are you? the family and i are here in dubai. NO SURF! NOTHING OVER 1 FOOT! WIND - ONSHORE WINDS - EVERY DAY! this place is a lukewarm bathtub. good news is the family is awesome.the kids are growing up. wife and i are well. often think of you all and wonder when we'll meet agin. (sam, thank for letting me borrow your board.hope it is still around inthe future - maybe this summer). adios amigos. daniel

By bless you all , 21-03-2006

liberian surfers - fellow liberians. bless your souls for rebuilding this war-torn land. i hope and pray that god gives you incredible waves to revitalize your spirits, arms to paddle and legs to shred. i have been viewing this sight for some time, wondering what type of surf i may one day score. it seems that there are not many surfers there. when i am there,i plan to go straight to silver beach.i also want to try the mumba point break (i love lefts!). does anyone have information on robertsport and other breaks - when are they best to surf? summmer or winter? which months? again, i commend you all for your efforts to rebuild this country.

By anonymous , 11-03-2006

- go for it. there is nothing more exciting than exploring places. especially with the chance that you will be robbed, kidnapped and, perhaps, used as a tool to send a message from some village faction trying to gain from the civil unrest. in reality, i got the chance to explore a bit ans scored some descent waves.make sure someone from the vicinty can accompany you and guide are always appreciated. yet, i must say that some of the best waves i scored were beach breaks in monrovia - head high to double overhead. the rain keeps the surface smooth and there are a few barrels...askthe guys from siver beach. they are a good group.

By anonymous , 05-03-2006

best months? - i may have some work there in the coming months. since i may be coming in and out of the country, i wantto know when is the best time tosurf thereso i can arrange to bring my board. also, i hear that siver beach is the best place? is it better than the pictures of mamba point? is silver beach a point break or beach break? and are there any other good breaks? if so, how can i get to them?

By , 04-03-2006

On my way! - Will be heading to Liberia for 6 months (unfortunately will be up in the Lofa region most of the time). Not sure if I'll be allowed to bring a board or not. How safe is the coast out away from Monrovia? Is it possible to go exploring?

By , 30-01-2006

sorry for the misspelling - It is actually Mamba Point, But Mumba sounds pretty good too.

Robertsport must be pretty cool too, I heard great stories of the surf break there.

I am here, willing and able. Just give me an air conditioned beach house at Robertsport and I am there!

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