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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By wmacthur83 , 14-11-2015

Let's get it started in Liberia - I just read your last post since 2010 about you moving to Liberia and surfing.Are you still in Liberia? I'm a Liberian but currently living in Thailand,I'm planning moving back to Liberia soon.
I got interested in surfing on a beach in Thailand and since I have been liking it more.I want to get involve business wise.Liberia has too many locations for surfing and maybe we can look around and start our own business out there.

By AndersF , 31-03-2010

Surf session? - I'm going to Monrovia in early April. Want to hear about someone who knows when it is the session of surfing there. I would like to contact some who lived and anyone who does business there. I have plans to move down there in the spring. You are very welcome to contact me at Greetings Anders Frank

By Anonymous , 17-05-2009

Surfing liberia - hi, im a south african working in monrovia for the next 2 month, anybody here up for a few surfs? let me know!

By Anonymous , 15-04-2009

anybody here? - hey is there anyone surfing liberia these days? im in monrovia without a board and going crazy from watching the surf from my hotel. get in touch at for a session!

By Anonymous , 19-11-2007

custom boards - Sam,

Check out the site: It will have the ordering information you need. If you need more info, let me know. I hope to see you in Liberia soon. How has the surf been?


By SAM WAZNI , 14-11-2007

Hi Daniel - Cool to hear that, indeed that will be interesting as i ship stuff from Dubai.Will be glad if u send me the details of the the shaper so i can order a custom ed one,RED COLOR that will be fantastic. Cheers

By daniel , 14-10-2007

missed out - Sam,

Boards are available in Dubai. Perhaps I can put you in contact with a fellow who orders them. I believe that you can have them custom made or choose from boards that have already been shaped...i picked up a 6'4 Webber which i am very happy with. Considering another board.

I miss Liberia. i was supposed to go there for the Ramadan Eid but the timing did not work out. i had my board bag packed and ready...

During the summer, i surfed the Maldives. it was awesome! if you get a chance, check it out. i may go back in the summer. Also, i may surf sri lanka in january. if you are interested in joining, i will keep you posted.


By SAM , 28-09-2007

Hi Daniel - Man u missed a life time waves, about 15 to 18 ft constantly in monrovia.yes no leashes, no wax, no boards we just have to manage. Damaged 2 boards but surving. will get a new one from Colombia next month. Is there any boards in Dubai?????

By Anonymous , 13-03-2007

daniel - You should bring your board(s). there are no surf shops and very few boards to be shared ihn the surf community. I recommend bring a few boards and materials for fixing dings, etc. plan on donating a board and extras such as leashes, rash guards, ding repair kit, fins, etc. The counrty needs rebuilding and the surf community will be stoked by your generosity. it may even open up a few doors for you. and by the way, Mamba point cannot be missed - although it is fickle and many other better spots exists. mouse, i believe the summer months are the best - especially august. i have yet to score epic robertsport as the its legend is whispered throughout the community. still, i have gotten near perfect beachbreak all by myself and there are almost always surfable days.

By , 07-03-2007

Mumba point in April - Hi i was wondering if any could help me, i will be in monrovia early april, do you think its worth bringing my board and how difficult is it to find mumba point (how many km's from centre of the city).

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