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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By surferSA , 16 Jul

Waves around Diana Beach - HiGuys

To those that have surfed around Diana Beach, would really like to know from you guys, if you have a moment, if there are any suitable spots for beginers? like sandy breaks, or even mellowish reefs, which could be suitable for beginner surfers? Also are the reefs manly rights or lefts? we are coming out in Sep and would be awesome if there was a spot suitable for both of us!

many thanks in advance for your assistance and feedback.

By OregonWaveGirl , 10-04-2011

Kenya Coast next month! - Hello! I am going to be between Mombasa and Malindi May 2011 and will not be able to bring my board with me!! Where can I get a board. Is there a board shop in Nairobi by chance?


By Emma , 03-12-2009

Surfing Malindi at Christmas - Hi,

I am going to be staying in Watamu for a week and was wondering if anyone knows of some good surf spots near Turtle Bay hotel.

I'll have a car so getting to the breaks is not a problem. Is Malindi worth checking out? Is it best just to head to the Eden Rock Hotel and get in there?


By Jenna , 06-07-2008

South Coast Kenya - The time to surf in the South Coast is July to Sep and if you find the Mosque in Diani on high tide you will be impressed. Gets up to 3/4ft and no-one there. There is the option of getting one of the local guys to take you out to the reef off Diani, but be careful - take your booties and don't pay more than KSh500. Did it a few times, even paddled out a few times. Managed to get hit by my board off Tiwi (shorter paddle but get off early or else your standing in 1ft of water with 3ft waves keeping you busy). If you have the guts go straight out from the Ferry in Mombasa - the wave looks fantastic. Never tried it though.

By willemg , 21-06-2008

kilifi district hospital & mombasa - Message for the surfer heading for kilifi july & august (or locals)

I'll be working 6 weeks at the kilifi hospital and 6 weeks at mombasa in January/febr/march.
1)Could you give me some advice whether or not to take my board with me ?
2)Is there some swell during these months ?
3) What are the local hazards at kilifi/mombasa (sharks, dangerous reefs ?)

thank you a lot and enjoy kilifi !

By Anonymous , 06-05-2008

Kenya Surf. Kilifi - Hello all, i'm goin out to kenya from beginning of july to mid august and was looking for any insight into surf within reasonable distance of Kilifi District Hospital where i'll be working and living during the week but can hopefully get away at weekends! Any help would be massively appreciated!!!

By Anonymous , 24-04-2008


By Anonymous , 17-04-2008

Gonna be in Mombasa on and off for 2 months from April 23rd 2008. I am am confident and experienced surfer and i will mainly be located near to the docks. Any info of hookups would be appreciated. Email me if you can help.

By Craig , 19-02-2008

Kenya - setting the record straight - A few short comments:
- surf most of the year
- biggest in July/Aug - up to double-overhead
- Dec-Feb fun-sized chest to head high
- mainly reef breaks with some points and a few beach-breaks
- excellent kitesurfing and windsurfing too
- no surfboard rentals available locally so take your own boards
- Kenya Coast is safe and Diani and North Coast have not been affected by post-election violence

Just to add to the comments above - I was born in Kenya and have been surfing for about 20 years and windsurfing (wave-sailing) for nearly 30 years... Surfing in Kenya is definitely in its infancy but there is AMAZING potential. With the right swell direction (NE, E, SE) there is little to block the Kenyan coast from the Indian Ocean swells (think Reunion and Madagascar...). The entire coastline gets surf and, contrary to the swell charts printed here, you do get good surf for most of the year (with double even triple overhead on occasions in July-Aug). In Dec 2006/Jan 2007 I surfed the Galu / Diani Reefs at head-high and clean and even had a few days on the beach-breaks on a longboard. With the occasional cyclone off Madagascar we pick up 12-14 foot swells even in January! The wind does pick up in the afternoons in Kaskazi season (Dec-Feb) and Kuzi season (June-Sept) and as a result draws kitesurfers and windsurfers to Diani Beach. For surfing you need to go early morning and catch the tides right. As a guide Diani works well at mid-high tide and Galu at low-mid tide. It's a long paddle or an easy boatride. H2O Extreme at Diani Beach ( specialise in kitesurfing but are starting to push surfing too so worth getting in touch with Boris who runs the centre. Hope this helps.

By Jaco , 04-01-2008

Surfing Kenya in December - I made trip down to Tiwi and Diani beaches south of Mombasa. Spectacularly beautiful! If you plan on going bring snorkeling gear and if possible even a speargun. You could live off fruits and fish for months! I lugged my board all the way down there on public transport - Matatus and busses. It's lank easy and most drivers are very keen to help you to make it fit. Just bring an old board because they really MAKE it fit. Mostly by banging it in until something somewhere gives... Removable fins a must!
Surfwise the reef has potential all over. I found two really neat little point setups. The water is insanely warm, the continuos morning offshore breeze (it turns onshore in the afternoon)keeps the malaria at bay and everything is as near to a tropical paradise but for the lack of swell. The entire week I was there nothing larger than a foot and a half broke! Local fisherman agree with the swell chart on this website that the best time to go would be March through July. I'll defenitely be coming back at that time!

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