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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Ivory Coast

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By waldo , 05-05-2011

Walid de Assinie Surf Camp - Salut a tous Assinie Surf Camp est en place pour vous faire triper sur tout les spots de Côte d'Ivoire !

By Anonymous , 15-01-2009

Board Rental in Country - If you need a board, check out kame's surf shop at prima center in Zone4.

By doggen , 02-09-2008

Rental possibility and spots - I'm going to CdI in a week and was wondering if there are any possibilities to rent a board there or do you have to bring your own? Also, I was wondering if anybody can recommend a spot?

By Aimann , 21-01-2008

Surfing Assinie - dont listen and beleive everything people say, but this comes from a real local who just left the country. Dont be scared to go to the ivory coast and explore the country, its people and its waves, not only it's one of the most beautiful place i ve been (assinie), december is one of the best time to go since it's party time, everyone who left the country to study or else comes back , the water is super clean, see thru, and the waves are glassy every morning and sunset, it s also the besttime to learn because the waves are not as big as the heavy rain season.
people are friendly,just go with someone you know, or just go and you ll meet the right people . Only disadvantage cops always stop you for any reasons and ask for money... yes corruption is there. if you have any questions or need contact there, email me and i 'll take care of the rest...
Much Love and blessings

By anonymous , 16-05-2006

- hi, im from portugal and i surfed here a long time ago, then the war cames and i had to move from there, i love to go again to places like sassandra, san pedro, grand bassam, assinie(it's beautiful)...
how is the situation now?? is it safe to go there??
This is one of the beatifull countrys i've ever been.

By , 26-11-2005

I need informations - Hi everyone, Please, I'd like you send me the adress and contacts of Ivory Coast federation of surfing. Thank you very much.

By Javier Rouchfert , 10-11-2004

Jiblillo - Bonjour, Jablillo. We have many nice wave here on Ivory Coast. But Jablillo please, do not come here now because streets are filled with angry Africans. Frenchmen leave by the thousdands now because of uprising. I staying here locked up in my room because as soon as I can get to the point the waves will be empty of people. We have many nice wave here, Jablillo, but please don't come just yet. We have local men in streets and younf men too, all getting angry at people like me who are not black.

By , 26-08-2004

security in ivory coast - Hi i,m a spaish surfer, i,m checking the surfing conditions in this country, thinking in my next surfari, but it,s a safe place to travel.

By , 17-11-2003

renseignements - Salut,
je suis francais et je suis actuelemenet en Angleterre pour faire mes etudes. J'ai l'opportunite de travailler a abidjan l'annee prochaine, dans une societe de transport marirtime internationale. Je voudrais connaitre si les gens sont accueillent avec les francais, si les conflits interne aux pays ne sont pas dangereux, et surtout si les vagues sont de bonne qualitees.
Je remercie d'avance celui qui pourra me donner ces informations.

By , 04-12-2002

Salut - Je voudrais remercier tous les gens que j'ai rencontrer lors de mon trip de cet été. Merci à Wallid qui nous a guidé au tout début du voyage. (Je suis un des 3 bretons...)
Tiens, d'ailleur si quelqu'un connait sont e-mail...
Boro d'enjaillement à tous

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