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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Cap lopez


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By Anonymous , 23-11-2009

Was fun - Surfed here 5 times in a week when working from POG. Mostly small and punchy. One morning was about 4 feet (1.5 times overhead) and hollow as hell. There was a wave breaking in front of the sea wall which was spitting so hard. The peaks were shifting and yes I would say that anyone can surf this wave, but only really experienced surfers can get barelled as they are hard to make. Would definately go back again if given the chance as was empty every day. Got a sharky vibe there though....Happy surfin.

By G.Lopez , 12-05-2009

Cap Lopez, Gabon is NOT pipeline~like! - It's C.Lopez & it's too small for Island~style ratings. I should know since I'm G.Lopez, I've surfed pipe~line, & that's on Oahu, Hawaii!!

By Arnaud.B , 21-08-2007

Gabon - POG - HI, je surfe à pog depuis 1année. La vague du Cap lopez est bonne, quand c'est gros il vaut mieu utilisé une board avec du volume car ça creuse. Pour les petits jours, un fish est mieu.
Un petit bonjour a tous les riders gabonais dotn Alec.
Peace & surf

By Anonymous , 31-12-2006

best swell season? - When you typed that message, you just missed it! the size peaks in august but the swells come from a better direction from may-july.

By Anonymous , 18-08-2006

swell season - Hi
What is the best swell season for Gabon?

By fred , 24-01-2006

african pipeline - I was there with 8 foot wave, few locals.
totally epic!!!

By ALEC , 01-07-2005

Reply to Fucking AMPHIBIAN - Thank you for your short description but if you never surf in Gabon how can you judge. Also believe me it is Pipeline Like, and also famous surfers like tom carrol came and well he just... have guess enjoy the Gabonese ride. so see you in Cap Lopez and then we will talk again some other day

By Amphibian , 03-03-2005

Pipeline??? - Never surfed this wave but looking at the pictures i wouldn't compare it to Pipeline,so who ever wrote the info,i'd say surf pipe before you say its "pipeline like"

By Alex , 17-01-2005

Surf near Libreville? - Yo i just moved out to Gabon and i was wondering if any of you out there could tell me whether there is anywhere decent to surf near libreville? also if there's anywhere to buy or rent boards cos i don't want to be stuck with no board if mine breaks. cheers.

By , 18-10-2004

that`s not an epic break - if that`s the best gabon have to offer, then it should be rated an regional classic (3 stars). But definetly it`s not an epic break. an epic break should be in the world`stop 30`s... that wouldn`t be a top 30 not even here in brazil, or south africa... Indonesia have at least 300 better spots than this. better analisys please boys...
but it looks like a good hot dog wave.

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