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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By surferofegy , 29-06-2011

serious surfing in egypt - people who wanna the best surf conditions egypt has 2 offer should go to the north coast in alexandria its called sahel el shimalee in arabic in an area called krair my family has a villa over there and i surf there every summer it has nice clean water unlike the city and no rocks or coral to get hurt on if u ask me its eypts surfing heaven the bigger better waves are usually in the winter and fall in the summer and spring its nice 2 but the waves r smaller like little practice waves b4 the main event (winter. I hope every body checks this place out ur gonna love it !

By Anonymous , 03-10-2010

Seeking for waves - I'm happy to see that there's a surfer's community here in Egypt, although it's have been a year now and i didn't surf yet :(!!
So guy's if any one can tell me if there's good spots an when i would be very thankful any web site where i can manage to see that...

By omar metwalli , 31-10-2009

Visiting from San Diego, CA - Hey, I'm visiting my family mid January and wanted to hook up with surfers. I brought a board to Alex once, and it was a hassle (2005), Now that Surfing is blossoming in Egypt, maybe I can find a rental ? that would be awesome. I can bring stuff with me (leashes, wax etc if you need something from the states

By camelsandtacos , 24-10-2009

looking for surfing friends - Just moved to Alex in Aug. and will be here for a couple of years. I've hit a couple of spots in town, looking for others to hang out with. Hit me up.

By Carine , 14-07-2009

Surfing.... - Aloha, Salam...i'd love and dream to surf in Egypt...i'll be in Cairo next the end of August i'd like to have contacts with the surfing community...i'm french, speak english, understand a little of portuguese and spanish...gonna learn egyptian arabic...i've a 6"6...choukrane...see you...


my mail:

By lecaps , 03-12-2008

waves in egypt - waves in egypt are typical mediteranean waves, which means they are wind genereated, so whenever there are westerly or northerly winds we have waves. it doesnt happen much and its very inconsistent. i d say you d be really lucky if you get to surf once a week.

By Anonymous , 01-12-2008

surfing January - June - Hi guys,I am thinking about doing an internship in Egypt and I can see on this site there is surfing in Egypt too!!!:-)can anybody tell how (in)consistent it may be between January and June?I am not a good surfer but I love it?!thanks a lot:-)

By Anonymous , 31-10-2008

- sorry forgot to write down my email lol

By Anonymous , 31-10-2008

surfing information - hey everyone if u need any info on surfing in alex or the north coast pls send me an enail or add me on facebook

By lecaps , 31-10-2008

Swedish surfer - helo mac, Egypt is a cheap country compared to sweden, and Europe in general, but we dont have consistent surf. If you want to go to a cheap country you can go to Morocco or Indonesia.

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