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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Ponta preda

Cape Verde

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By caca maloy , 20-10-2006

waves season... - would like to know if I can get good waves in june and august

By Anonymous , 22-09-2006

Water? - Boardies or shortie in November?

By , 21-08-2006

Ponta Preta - Hi there,

I am a local of Ponta Preta. This is one of the best waves in the Atlantic. But dangerous. Only for expert surfers. Best season: September to December, and then after February. From Dec-Feb it is normally very windy, better for experienced Kiters or windsurfers. Very dangerous: it is a very powerful wave, with a deep tube, right-hand, and extremely shallow. No place to make the slightest error.

By , 19-08-2006

Local Ponta Preta - Hi guys,

am a local bodyboarder of Ponta Preta, and just love it when it gets huge. It is a really good quality wave, very deep tube, shallow on rocks, no chance for errors. About some other comments: wind-season = december - february. Months without that much wind: mainly october-december, also after the windy season, february to April.



By Dsurfer , 27-05-2006

Expose Ponta Preta? - Expose Ponta Preta? what were you thinkink? This is a break that you could go there and surf with no problems, with joy with the locals, sharing the waves. Who da f* do u think u are to expose that treasure...

By anonymous , 24-03-2006

Bad wave.. - Too much wind...a loto of crowd!! better change other place!! I didn't like it!! I got robed too...really bad place

By BP , 18-06-2005

Hey!!! - I'm going to Sal on the first week of August, does anybody knows what size should I expect to find.Thanks

By Tom , 23-04-2004

PP, keep it a secret? - This place is no secret since it was discovered in the early 90´s (by windsurfers, by the way). And locals on this island of stone, sand and dust might bee quite happy to find some tourist related work in a country that is absolutely dependant to foreign help and where a very high percentage of the male population has to leave their island to find work and support their families.
As long as traveling surfers behave themselve there will be no problems at this spot. Just don´t drink too much of the local rum during the very long flat periods (the place is very far of its north atlantic wave sources). Plus, there is more to explore on the island and some of the other islands of Cabo Verde.
If You want more info check out

By André - Madeira , 29-02-2004

Wake up you idiots!!!!! - Because of this fuckin´site and similar sites, my island(Madeira)over developed and is now lost. Because of peolple who thought they would make some money out of the surfers who would come to Madeira,there was too much exposure.
Don´t do the same to Cabo Verde,the locals don´t deserve the same that happened to us here. I´ve been there once, and I didn´t tell the world, why sould you?
As said before,let us find the spots the hard way, to better apreciate them.

By simone , 26-01-2004

about a wave - wow it's the fastest right wave i have ever seen in my life......the fastet wave i tryed to surf......great sea....great wave....wait for me....i'll come back again....

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