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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Cape Verde


As it's the windsurfing heaven, expect to find a lot of winds which are not very good for the surf. Expensive islands but you will find uncrowded spots and world class reefs.

Location: Western Africa, group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Senegal. It is formed by 10 main islands and about 8 islets.
Geographic coordinates: 16° 0' N, 24° 0' W
Coastline km: 965 km km
Climate: temperate; warm, dry summer; precipitation meager and very erratic
Terrain: steep, rugged, rocky, volcanic
Elevation: highest point: Mt. Fogo 2,829 m (a volcano on Fogo Island)
Natural hazards: prolonged droughts; seasonal harmattan wind produces obscuring dust; volcanically and seismically active
Currency: Cape Verdean escudo (CVE)
Population: 418,224 (July 2005 est.)
Languages: Portuguese, Crioulo (a blend of Portuguese and West African words)
Capital: Praia
Divisions: 17 municipalities (concelhos, singular - concelho); Boa Vista, Brava, Maio, Mosteiros, Paul, Praia, Porto Novo, Ribeira Grande, Sal, Santa Catarina, Santa Cruz, Sao Domingos, Sao Filipe, Sao Miguel, Sao Nicolau, Sao Vicente, Tarrafal

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Typical Swell Size
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Seasonal swell & wind variations

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Surf Spots

Surf Spots (20)
Quality Direction Type Frequ Experience
Cadjau 3 / -
Right and left Reef-rocky Experienced surfers
Caga Spot 3 / -
Reef-rocky Pros or kamikaze only...
Cidade Velha 1 / -
Right Point-break Experienced surfers
Coca's Beach,Praia 3 / -
Left Point-break All surfers
Coragi 3 / -
Left Reef-rocky Experienced surfers
curralinho - / -
Right and left breakwater/jetty All surfers
Ervatão 1 / -
Left Reef-rocky Experienced surfers
Ilha do sal 12 / -
Right Point-break All surfers
K-Bay 3 / -
Right and left Reef-rocky Experienced surfers
Laginha - / -
Right and left Reef-rocky All surfers
Meio de Baia 3 / -
Right and left Reef-rocky Experienced surfers
Palmeira - ilha do sal 2 / -
Left Reef-rocky Pros or kamikaze only...
Ponta Preta 37 / -
Right Point-break Pros or kamikaze only...
Ponte preta beach 3 / -
Right and left Beach-break Experienced surfers
Praia de Santa Mónica 2 / -
Right and left Beach-break Experienced surfers
Praia do Chaves 2 / -
Right and left Sand-bar All surfers
Praia Negra - / -
Left Point-break All surfers
Rincon - / -
Right and left Reef-rocky Pros or kamikaze only...
Sandy Beach - Sao Vincente 2 / -
Right Point-break All surfers
Santa Maria 10 / -
Left Reef-rocky All surfers


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By CsickSURFER , 30-07-2012

August??? - Does it make sence to go there in August? have no other time to go, but wozuld not go if theres no chance for good surf..Thanks for any info!

By mouche , 25-11-2010

praia - Hi, I might go to Praia for work and stay there for some time. does anybody know how the surf is there for grommets? cause most of the stuff I hear is that surfing is mainly on sal only. is there a surf school somewhere in praia or a place where I can rent boards? what about the spots and the locals? I'd love to have some news on this....tnx

By Anonymous , 07-09-2009

nice wave - i just quit about tryng to insert "coragi" spot and many others in this page.

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