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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Nuno Santos , 09-08-2003

ganzassss - come dread sebem?ja te tinha falado dakele pessoal q vai fazer uma viagem ai pra surfar em cabo ledo.dei-lhes o teu contacto.eles ja devem tar ai.n sei se ja entraram em contacto ctg.a cena de cabo ledo vai sair em bue de revistas a nivel mundial!um abraço!

By living in angola is nice , 31-07-2003

G4NZ4S - Hi, im just trying to give u (surfers) a little vision of Angola-Luanda.
There is no war, this is less dangerous than Rio de janeiro Brasil, the surf comunity is very small...most of the surfers are from foreigner companys..but there are some local like me ( im portuguese ). I live here since 1997, i have study here in portuguese school, and i travel a lot in 19. so.....dont be afraid of the news about war

By Ricardo Nuno Aka Ossos , 31-07-2003

New season - is going to begin a new year now....just because the transport conditions are better and i have all time of the word...i bet that Angola have best spots of Africa...from September to December i will send new pictures and another informations about nice spots...i travel a lot "raids" , so it is the best chance to promote the surf an amateur, but i can distinguish a good wave from a bad wave to surf

By Nervous Wreck , 20-07-2003

Moving to Luanda - I am thinking of moving to Luanda for 2 years as an expat but cannot finding much information (that does not scare the pants off me!). I am also a short-boarder and keen to surf. If I was single the it would be OK but it does not appear to be a place to go to with a wife and 2 kids under the age of 3?
Does anyone have any useful links so I can make a semi-educated decision on whether the risks are too great for my family and how easy is it to get to the surf, e.g. hiring drivers, guards, water pollution, etc.?

By Diamond Mines Enterprises, Inc. , 26-06-2003

Moving to Angola? - Bring a big gun (not a surfboard), and a prayer-book. You will meet many people without limbs, and often hear rumour of coups on the horizon, which often come true. Do a good turn there before you die.

By P M , 26-06-2003

Also moving to Angola - I will also be moving to angola as of September of '03. I will try to bring my long board with me on the plane, but I'm not sure that will work well. Anyone have experience getting a board through Angolan customs in Luanda? Anyway, can someone post here the phone number of a good surf contact in the country? So everyone moving there knows who to contact. Doesn't seem like a huge surf community so I doubt you will get inundated with phone calls. ; ) BTW, I've heard you can arrange to buy boards from South Africa and have them shipped in to Luanda, would like to know more details on this, since I'd like to have a few boards down there.

By Pedro , 26-06-2003

Going to work in Angola - Hello!
I'm a 26 year old longboarder from Portugal.
It seems I will be going to Angola next year to work (and on my free time I hope to surf some waves).
Can anyone tell me how to prepare for my jouney?
All tips welcome!
Thank you

By , 01-03-2003

Surf in Lobito, Angola? - I might end up getting a job in Lobito, Angola. Can anyone give me any information on the surfing situation there?
Are there places to stay near the waves or is it day trips only on teh weekends? Is it safe to travel, are there waves in teh city, near the city?

How is life there? Safe enough to bring my wife and new baby? Is there anything to do there?

By Marcio , 14-02-2003

Trip trough Angola - I'm an Angolan living in Portugal. The situation there, as far as i know, is stable. My dad is living/working there and i should be starting a new job there soon. But check for problems in the Congo, especially in the border with Angola.

By , 10-12-2002

surf trip through angola - to whoever is out there, i want to make a surf trip from ghana (where i'm living this year) through angola to south africa by car...not sure what the situation is like in angola besides various department of state advisories. can anyone tell me anything???

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