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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Yellow Submarine , 23-12-2003

I think it was Buraco - The report for sharks was from Buraco. I can't believe I missed a good day at Buraco... I knew this would happen as soon as I went on vacation.

Buraco is known to have more sharks than CL, I don't think anybody has seen sharks at CL.

By sirwayne1 , 22-12-2003

Sharks - Really...sharks in the CL area. What kinds? Have there ever been any attacks (reported)?

By Nuno Santos , 08-11-2003

AVISO IMPORTANTE!IMPORTANT WARNING - Fui informado da possibilidade de haverem manifestaçoes militares e disparos na zona de cabo ledo entre este fim de semana e o dia 11 de novembro.Nao sei ate que ponto isto e verdade, mas mais vale prevenir q remediar.Portanto, nao aconselho ninguem a ir surfar pra la entre estes dias.Pedia tambem a quem lesse esta mensagem que a divulgasse.obrigado.

I was warned about the possibility of military action in the are of Cabo Ledo between this weekend and the 11th november.I don't know if I can trust this information, but it's better to avoid.So i hope that no one goes surf Cabo Ledo during this time.I also would like everybody who reads this message to spread it.Thank you

By , 04-11-2003

New to the Scene - I just moved to Angola and I've heard the surfing can be decent here. I'm originally from Cali (I haven't been on a board in years) but been living on the East Coast for too long and the water is too cold there.

I am looking to get out every weekend. If you go gimme a call 092615746 or lets arrange something. I live in Alvalade.

I also need to get a board, if anyone is selling.

By Surfer Joe , 30-10-2003

Restrictions - They would be happy to have you come in and show you around. The problem is trying to get yourself out. Seriously, all these African countries are alike and it is easy to be a traveler and be treated like Royalty as they have no Royalty of their own. No one surfing as you'll be the only one out. Sharks are a problem though as even they are starving.

By , 30-10-2003

info...... - so how restrictive is the government and are there
serious problems with getting in and around?

By B4RR4CUD4 , 17-10-2003

To everyone who surfs the angolan shore - venho por este meio manifestar o meu interesse, juntamente com alguns amigos, em criar uma associaçao ou clube de surf&bodyboard em angola.Uma vez que a comunidade surfista em luanda aumenta cada vez mais, e começam ja a surgir ideias e projectos estangeiros no que cabe a organizaçao de surf trips a angola, sinto que algum tipo de organizaçao seria fundamental.
Alem de providenciar informaçoes aqueles que pouco ou nada sabem sobre o potencial que angola tem para o desenvolvimento desde desporto, poderia ser tambem um meio de o divulgar no nosso meio.Seria tambem fundamental na descoberta de novos spots, com a organizaçao de viagens para sul ou norte do pais.
Existem ja possiveis instalaçoes para reunioes,alojamento de surfistas ou colaboradores que possam eventualmente vir do estrangeiro.
Tudo isto seria um primeiro passo para a criaçao de meios para a aquisiçao do material necessaria para a practica do desporto, uma vez que todos sabem a dificuldade que existe em trazer material de fora do pais, e para o desenvolvimento do surf e bodyboard em geral.
Todos os interessados podem contactar-me em , ou para os telefones 396072 , 091 222222(parece estranho, mas e este mesmo o numero)- Nuno Santos, ou para 091245210-Ricardo Fernandes.

By , 11-09-2003

HOW DO I GET MY BOARD DOWN THERE! - I'm leaving at the end of the month (September, 2003). How do I get my board to Angola? The airline is saying $400 bucks to get it down there. Any good options??? Any tricks to get it through customs without being subject to extortion?


By , 09-09-2003

Hello, Ola - Hi everyone! I'm not a surfer - but am originally from Angola, Luanda! :) I couln't believe the comments made of how the crime and danger is now low there. That is not what all the reports show. Please write a little bit more about the country status. I would love to go back and visit!

By , 22-08-2003

spare seat - Hi, guyz Im an angolan surffer who has just given a break to his degree to leave and work in luanda for a yaer. And i wonder if theres anybody kind enough to give me a ride to the beach even if its on top of the car with the boards. If you can,I leave opposite the sagrada familia church and u can reach me on 092306270 and ask for renato.peace

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