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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By , 29-09-2004

Arriving in angola oct 3rd.surfer - I'm arriving in angola oct 3rd for 5 months to work there! I'll be staying at the meridian hotel in luanda and my name is Joseph Langella (a.k.a.linguini). If any surfers living there could show me4 the ropes there I would be very happy. Looking forward to surfing there and hangin with the locals. You can reach me at

By anonymous , 06-08-2004

Re: Any Surf in the Namibe province - Hi whats up. I'm planning a surfing trip to Angola in December. Can any one tell me if there are any spots to surf in the Namibe province. If so I am willing to trade some secrets about spots I have surfed in Namibia. Another question what does the swell look like during Dec/Jan up there in Angola. O ya what is the story with all the sharks if any??? Later .... Ian

By , 13-07-2004

I'm Arriving to Luanda 17th July - I'm goingo to Angola in the airline from Portugal to Luanda in 17th of july.

I need somebody which have time to surf with me good sweel anda waves their. I need to know where all people surf to make news friends...

Email me:

If you want can write in portuguese or spanish that i understand...

By poum , 07-07-2004

Surf spots in the south? Benguela Lobito? - Any nice spots in a reach from Lobito?

By anonymous , 02-07-2004

Glad - I am very glad that you didn't like angola....
Good for us ...


By Bummed with how shitty it is , 18-06-2004

Angola is Overated - Angola is overated. I have been to almost every main surf spot on the map on Wannasurf and the surf is average, IF and when there is surf. Granted I have mainly been there during the off season swell wise, but one of the things that makes a place good is consistency, and Angola aint that consistent; and as the original author and picture taker of Angola said, the big swells often roll right by Angola. Second, when there is swell it is getting crowed, granted most people can't surf and are mostly buoys in the water easily avoided, and they are mainly there because of what they read about how good it is. Ironic. Quicombo is a verified no wave. When it is flat, which it almost always is, it looks great, but when there is swell, it doesnt work. I haven't found the beach break in the picture, so I will reserve my negativity. I have been there at least six times, and it was flat five out of six times. The sixth time, there was a huge swell and Quicombo didnt get much of it, and what it did get wasn't surfable. Overated.

By , 26-05-2004

Surfing Angola - Hi all,

I am just moving to Angola and I would like to have some tips...
Is it true about the sharks? are there sharks in Cabo Ledo?
Should I bring my boards ?

By , 08-04-2004

sharks... - Hello for all the surf community in Angola. I am planning to be there at the best season and stay for a while (10 weeks). I am heavily considering NOT take a board with me, because as far as I know sharks are a major problem. Please, please let me know if there are any spots with no sharks - some secure places. Any useful information will be happily received.


By Renato Rossi , 30-03-2004

kitesurf em Luanda ???????? - Ola, meu nome é Renato Rossi, sou brasileiro e estou com a possibilidade de morar em Luanda logo mais. Mas não conheço nada a respeito e esta dificil de obter informações certas.
É claro que uma condicional forte para me mudar é o mar. Alem do surf, sempre velejo aqui no brasa, antes de wind e agora de kitesurf. Mas não consigo saber se rola uma velejo em Luanda e se existe alguem o fazendo aí.
Gostaria de saber tambem sobre a vida aí, as pessoas e ate mesmo se rola uma vida noturna de vez em quando.
Qualquer informação é muito bem vinda. Meu e-mail é


Renato Rossi

By , 07-01-2004

I'll go to Angola in August - I'll go to Angola in August and if someone want to buy boards and others supplies, write me, than i take waht you want to there.
Give me more informations about the quality of the Waves in August/September and about sharks atackks!

Bodyboard supplies in tell that were informed by Mike (Miguel) Areal.

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