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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Jimbo , 06-03-2006

Shark Factor / Tubarões - What about sharks ? any reports of Attcaks ?

By didi , 24-01-2006

oiiiiiii - So por acaso, alguem vai este verao para angola surfar??

By , 26-11-2005

I need informations. - Hi everyone,
Please, I'd like you send me the adress and contacts of Angola federation of surfing.
Thank you very much.

By , 05-11-2005 - Eu tou a procura de pessoal que esteja ou va a Angola,para poder pegar umas ondas juntos. Vou agr em Novembro. Se alguem tiver interessado é so adicionar o meu mail.

By mundaka93@hotmailcom , 02-09-2005

mundaka93 - hello everybody i'm excellent bodyboarder but i surf also when the conditions are great. I'll come to Luanda in december for a long time. Can someone tell me some informations about the surf spots? the life style, the security.....

By , 27-04-2005

Very delayed response to your anti-Angola surf commentary - Dear Bummed how shitty it is,

I know that this message is so tardy as to be almost comical. But after having read your “Angola is overrated” commentary on wannasurf, I had to come in with a contrasting opinion. To begin with, let’s be clear. No one is claiming that Angola is the next incarnation of Tavarua. And whatever hype has been generated by wannasurf and the recent Surfer’s Journal article is as much a function of the surfing community’s desire to find the next Nias as it is a reflection of Angola’s surf reality. That being said, Angola is in no way overrated; unless your definition of overrated is consistent head-high + surf 7 months of the year, warm water (compared to my home break of Ocean Beach which rarely tops out above 55 degrees), uncrowded and often empty sessions (I agree that the line-up can get busy with a bunch of ‘buoys’, but that just decreases your odds of being bait) and an expansive range of different types of waves.

It’s a bummer that you hadn’t caught it good by the date of your posting. During my time there (most of 1999 and 2000), we were getting super fun foot-to-two-foot overhead days at Miraduro by mid-March along with an occasional throaty barrel session at shipwrecks. By May, we had almost always been treated to one of those magical days at Buraco and at least a couple of fun longboard days at Cabo Ledo (if you want to talk overrated, Cabo Ledo is your victim). Indeed, it was a rare weekend that we did not score some decent surf between April and early October. Your complaint about the swell direction often being too southernly to get into a lot of the spots is valid to a point. More of a problem was the fact that deep south swells often pushed so much water down the point breaks that holding your position against the current was an absolute bitch. But for every poorly oriented roaring forties pulse, we received an equal number of clean, well-organized WSW and SSW swells that lit up the entire list of spots mentioned on wannasurf’s web site. Yeah, it could often be a logistical headache to get to the spots, including gassozas for what seemed to be the entire extended family of the police or military personnel manning the checkpoints. But once you got that process wired- not that difficult a task to master- you often scored. And you tell me, would you rather ride 900 yard winding lefts with just a thin spattering of folks that you know at Buraco or exercise your shouting capacity and anger management skills with 150 of your “good friends” on that same southern hemi energy at Malibu?

Angola as a surf destination is like any other place. It has its premier seasons and its off periods. No different than CA where fall is magic, winter is cold and booming, spring is windy and shitty and summer is a crap shoot depending upon what we get out of the southern hemisphere and mainland Mexico’s hurricane season. Regardless of your doubt, the photos from wannasurf depict the real deal. Rarely too big to intimidate, never too crowded to really matter, and on-tap for the avid weekend warriors that most of the Angolan surf community is. And if the current political trajectory that Angola finds itself in now continues, the aforementioned ‘never to crowded’ component is not going to be part of that equation. Your in a special surf place my friend, despite your frustration. Lap it up while you can.

By , 09-01-2005

Luanda surf-tips - Komékie?

Eu sou o Rui tenho 25 anos e sou do Porto-Portugal e devo ir pra Luanda em Fevereiro pra ficar por aí pelo menos 3 anos.

Eu ja tive a falar com uns amigos e tal e eles ja me disseram que em Angola tens umas ondas pra curtir, sem o crowd a que estou acostumado... so que o único stress sao os tubarões.

Eu eu ate ia comprar um prancha nova, so que até tou meio indeciso.

Algum me pode dar umas dicas sobre as praias, os spots, o pessoal, sobre os tubarões, e tudo o tipo de situaçoes que possa vir encontrar.

E se puderem-me me dar uma luzes sobre Luanda.. tipo: que é que um gajo com 25 anos se pode divertir e ocupar os tempos livres (fins de semana)


o meu mail é o

By Lisa Antas Videira. email: , 09-12-2004

Parabens/Congratulations - ola, eu sou Lisa. Gostaria felicitar os criadores da pagina,e dar uma forca para q continuem. Bom trabalho!!! Eu de momento vivo em inglaterra, custumo passar as ferias em lda e sou iniciante no desporto "Kitesurf". Gostaria de puder ajudar no que for possivel para que os deportos aquaticos desenvolvecem em Angola, por isso se precisarem de qualquer ajuda q tiver ao meu alcance nao exitem em pedir. Tentarei entrar em contacto convosco qd tiver em lda neste natal 04/05.Se n for pedir demais gostaria de puder acompanharvos, qd forem surfar, pois oferecome para ser a fotografa, se n for muito conveniente gostaria de pelo menos ter a opurtunidade de conversar pois tenho muito q perguntar!!! Boa sorte a pegar boas ondas e bons ventos pro kitesurfers.

Hy my name is Lisa. First of all I would like to congratulate the creators of the webpage and say "keep it going men...". u are doing a hell of a good job!!!
At the moment, i live in englant, normally i spent my holidays in Angola,Luanda. I'm a beginner in kitesurfing. I would like to offer my help in any possible way to contribute towards the development of WaterSports in Angola, so if u need help in anything that maybe i manage to help do not exitate to ask me, please.
I'll try to get in touch with the small group of surfers resident in Luanda, this chrismiss 04/05. If its not asking too much i would like to ask if i can join u guys for a ride, i offer myself to be the photographer, if its an inconvenience give me at least a chance to have a chat with u guys about the watersports.
I wish u good waves and winds!!!! kiss&hug

By , 24-11-2004

Travelling to Luanda - Hi,

I’m from Portugal and I will travel to Luanda in January (I will stay there for a year or more).
I would like very much to contact other surfers in order to get some surf on the weekends, which is safer them travel alone in Angola.
Nuno –

By , 28-10-2004

new to angola - whats up, I-m here in angola for 3 weeks now and looking for some surferes to hook up with. I-m working at the u.s. embassy and staying at the forum hotel till nov 1st. Im moving into an apt. nov 1st. You can rerach me at I-m living in luanda and hope to get some surf. Take it easy and keep on surfing

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