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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

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  • Jun 22 
    [ Comment ] Maldives This one make me dream. Oh my God ! This kind of destination is just where I would love to go once in my life ! this video is just amazing : and I must make my wife agree to go there !
  • Jun 20 
    [ Comment ] Turtles Stoled!!!. My name is Eduardo and I ask you to get out of Batu Besar hotel. In May 2017 we were me and my wife staying at Batu Besar and I woke up at 2am in the morning with a thief inside my room. He ran with [...] More...
  • Jun 20 
    [ Comment ] Iceland Island ? Check !. I am a poor surfer, eternal beginner. But despite this condition, I am one of the few that did surf in Iceland ! Awesome !
  • Jun 20 
    [ Comment ] Mancora was there in 1995. with my peruvian friend. he said there were no crowds. he was wrong. it was way too crowded then, and man did everyone suck. there are lots of othe left points/reefs worth checking out in northern pe [...] More...
  • Jun 17 
    [ Comment ] Bird Island Saipan  -. managaha appears to have an excellent long right on the outer reef
  • Jun 16 
    [ Comment ] Corrimal Plenty of space. From the little I know, there seems to be a lot of options at this place. Experienced a lot of closed out conditions here though.
  • Jun 16 
    [ Comment ] Bellambi Selfish locals (at least today). Watched 3 out of 10 people out there take all the waves. After 45 minutes had to PADDLE back in. I should have dropped in on those selfish pricks. Hoping it's not the norm.
  • Jun 10 
    [ Comment ] Desert point Great Surf Spot. I surfed here with my mates from Oz and we had a great time. Non stop shack sessions in the purest ocean waters. We scored some good shrubs from the locals to help our downtime chill sessions.
  • May 16 
    [ Comment ] Krui left Nice Waves. I was here earlier this year and surfed some great waves with my mates. Got shacked every day. So much fun!
  • Apr 28 
    [ Comment ] Punta de los lobos BETTER TIME SOUTH. punta de lobos is the gringo hotspot. its famous because of the XXL event. if you want better waves with less people, the south of chile is the spot. Buchupureo, Pullay, Trigalemu, Rinconada, to name [...] More...
  • Apr 28 
    [ Comment ] Buchupureo BEST SPOT IN CHILE. its simply the best wave in chile. 15sec tubes when its on. Pullay Hostel is a great option. a lot of places want top dollar for not great accom. in Pullay you can have 3 meals a day private room in f [...] More...
  • Apr 28 
    [ Comment ] Sur BUCHUPUREO AND THE POINTS. The true treasure of Chile!! left hand J-bay, gold coast as lefts, cold water indonesia!! all great descriptions. THIS ZONE PUMMMMMMPS!! LOVE IT. Respect the Nature, and the locals. Locals RULE. bu [...] More...
  • Apr 28 
    [ Comment ] Chile HOW TO DO CHILE. 1. Hire a car or van. hostels are expensive (compared to the rest of latin americe) at least 10luk or around 20usd night, 2. Dont pay for a surf tour. theyll only take you to. 1. puertcillo, punt [...] More...
  • Apr 02 
    [ Comment ] Pubnico beach Southwest NS. From Mavillette Beach to the numerous south shore beaches, they are so many opportunities to surf empty breaks I couldn't list them all. If you want a new spot to yourself, this is the place to be.
  • Mar 17 
    [ Comment ] Bali Interesting !. As I am new to surfing. I find this page very interesting given the information found there.
  • Mar 06 
    [ Comment ] Keramas . True fact, locals and their Japanese hooks ATM are spoiling the spot! No chance to catch a set wave! Today, I was witness of white guy being harass by local for nothing.. Locals acting as do [...] More...
  • Mar 06 
    [ Comment ] Hourtin plage . wheres th best campsite in the area
  • Feb 21 
    [ Comment ] The pass Welcome to the jungle. What a zoo. 100 people on one take off point. Arm breaking current sweep. Not much different than the super bank. There are so many other great waves in this region, search and be rewarded. Don't [...] More...
  • Feb 17 
    [ Comment ] Viejamar . Fun wave with an amazing atmosphere in and outside of the water! A very consistant spot picking up both north and south swells - if no waves here, no waves in the area! Wave works best with mid tide. [...] More...
  • Jan 18 
    [ Comment ] Tobago Tobago 1975. I walked from Black Rock every morning excited to see what Mt. Irvine had to offer. I would stop some mornings to help pull in the massive hand line nets of Back Bay. Back Bay kicked my ass! My hand [...] More...
  • Jan 18 
    [ Comment ] Carenerro point break Crowdednero. Place can get very crowded.up to 50 guys out at a time. However, it is a wave pool with take of spots everywhere from way outside to inside. There is an inside section that is heavy fast and shallow [...] More...
  • Jan 17 
    [ Comment ] Canada Nice experience ahead. I live in Toronto & I had a vast experience of surfers, I have also a kit of Surf Collection but now I don't have time for donation, my post is app development & as [...] More...
  • Jan 14 
    [ Comment ] Saunton sands Laughing. Looking back at all these (now old) comments has made me chuckle. Also, does anyone still use this site? By the age of the comments, I'd guess not. I started long boarding with my old man when I wa [...] More...
  • Jan 11 
    [ Comment ] Aragum bay New Arugam Surf Community. Hi guys, if anyone needs any current advice on anything you can find it here Thanks!
  • Jan 06 
    [ Comment ] Algeria Surfing. I know Surfing is not so easy than it looks from the seaside but I want to do surfing, my swimming capability is normal. Is it painless to go down in the waves? Actually I am a writer of  More...

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