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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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  • Feb 24 
    [ Comment ] Brittany South Pafait. La bais d'Audierne est parfaite pour le surf, allez au surfcamp la torche pour avoir les pieds sur le spot de la Torche en vous levant!
  • Feb 23 
    [ Comment ] Ranchito . Took time to find it. Indeed, I was in Mexico for the first time with my friends. Our expedition from the best essay writing service in America to the coast of Mexi [...] More...
  • Feb 23 
    [ Comment ] Vulcansurf Merci. Mes meilleures félicitations pour votre superbe site ! Parfait !!! voyance par mail rapide
  • Feb 23 
    [ Comment ] 38th Parallel Merci. C’est pour la première que je viens de visiter votre site et je le trouve vraiment intéressant ! Bravo ! voyance par mail gratuit
  • Feb 23 
    [ Comment ] Chame Banks Merci. Grâce à votre site je viens d’appendre plusieurs choses. Continuez ! voyance gratuite en ligne par mail
  • Feb 23 
    [ Comment ] Chame Banks Merci. Super blog, j'adore vos articles et reportages, bonne continuation. voyance gratuite par Email
  • Feb 23 
    [ Comment ] The pass Merci. Très beau blog, merci pour les détails sur les prises de vue, ça va me faire progresser. voyance gratuitement par mail
  • Feb 23 
    [ Comment ] Quimixto Merci. Merci infiniment pour cette utile et précieuse information. Super votre blog, bravo ! voyance gratuite par mail rapide
  • Feb 23 
    [ Comment ] Australia Merci. En effet, cette réalisation est une vraie merveille, merci pour cet article en tout cas. voyance gratuite
  • Feb 23 
    [ Comment ] Australia Great article.. Great article, thanks, I am here.
  • Feb 21 
    [ Comment ] Quimixto . There is no place for surfing like Quimixto! Each year I couldn't wait start of the season and I look for someone to write my essay beforehand not to be [...] More...
  • Feb 21 
    [ Comment ] The pass Welcome to the jungle. What a zoo. 100 people on one take off point. Arm breaking current sweep. Not much different than the super bank. There are so many other great waves in this region, search and be rewarded. Don't [...] More...
  • Feb 17 
    [ Comment ] Viejamar . Fun wave with an amazing atmosphere in and outside of the water! A very consistant spot picking up both north and south swells - if no waves here, no waves in the area! Wave works best with mid tide. [...] More...
  • Jan 18 
    [ Comment ] Tobago Tobago 1975. I walked from Black Rock every morning excited to see what Mt. Irvine had to offer. I would stop some mornings to help pull in the massive hand line nets of Back Bay. Back Bay kicked my ass! My hand [...] More...
  • Jan 18 
    [ Comment ] Carenerro point break Crowdednero. Place can get very crowded.up to 50 guys out at a time. However, it is a wave pool with take of spots everywhere from way outside to inside. There is an inside section that is heavy fast and shallow [...] More...
  • Jan 17 
    [ Comment ] Canada Nice experience ahead. I live in Toronto & I had a vast experience of surfers, I have also a kit of Surf Collection but now I don't have time for donation, my post is app development & as [...] More...
  • Jan 14 
    [ Comment ] Saunton sands Laughing. Looking back at all these (now old) comments has made me chuckle. Also, does anyone still use this site? By the age of the comments, I'd guess not. I started long boarding with my old man when I wa [...] More...
  • Jan 11 
    [ Comment ] Aragum bay New Arugam Surf Community. Hi guys, if anyone needs any current advice on anything you can find it here Thanks!
  • Jan 06 
    [ Comment ] Algeria Surfing. I know Surfing is not so easy than it looks from the seaside but I want to do surfing, my swimming capability is normal. Is it painless to go down in the waves? Actually I am a writer of  More...
  • Jan 03 
    [ Comment ] Tobago Tobago 1975. I gazed at Buccoo reef for weeks. At that time in history Buccoo had the mystery and the intimidation of any big wave on the planet. I witnessed gigantic lefts reeling off the reef. Gideon George f [...] More...
  • Jan 03 
    [ Comment ] Champerico Surfing. I go with my friends on vacations every year and we select a place where we can surf because we love surfing. I prefer to Buy Top [...] More...
  • Jan 03 
    [ Comment ] Tobago Tobago 1975. Does anyone know where my good friend Michael Baker might be? He was the Mt. Irvine Bay lifeguard in the 70's. At that time he was the only surf local on the Island. He was a kind and generous man. To [...] More...
  • Dec 30 
    [ Comment ] Unawatuna Still working?. Does Unawatuna still work? When I was there 4/5 years ago, they were building a wall/harbour to the right of the bay - has this affected the surf at all?
  • Dec 28 
    [ Comment ] Buchupureo . This amazing wave but is offshore in south wind not north wind!!! I make a trip here with friends we have amazing waves here and Pullay near here, good hostel to stay in Pullay for good price http://s [...] More...
  • Oct 25 
    [ Comment ] Buchupureo . This is by far the best pumping left points in Chile...I agree with you Teddy,the trip sounds like a typical trip down there! Check out this link to the Chile section in psychic migrations with Ozzie [...] More...

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