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Trip: 10 of the best startup competitions you should take part in 2020

Written by andrewlewis show andrewlewis profile

Thursday June 25 2020 11:18:42

Date: from Jun 25, 2020 to Jun 25, 2020

Surf trip description:

Do you have an idea in your mind? A marketing plan or something that can change your life.

If you are scrolling the internet to see for opportunities that can help you invest in your unique idea, then here you are at the right place. Though business competition has become tougher and more competitive it is likely that one may get achieved with their idea at a big level.

But not to worry if you think you are the best in convincing others and have a good pitch to catch investors though your business plan then, go for it.


Table of Contents

Upcoming Startup competitions around the world. 1

IT Arena (the startup competition). 1

Get in the Ring-Global start up competition. 1

Jacob start up competition 2020. 2

Global pitch. 2

BBVA Open Talent 2020. 2

Startup battlefield. 2

Tech crunch Disrupt. 2



We got a list of multiple startup programs all over the world happing in 2020. If you think your idea is the best just like hnd assignments writing service and you think yourself as a successor in Entrepreneur this platform is great to explore your talent. 

Upcoming Startup competitions around the world 

Looking for some reliable platforms that can help you gain those entrepreneur skills and give you wings to succeed in your own business.

IT Arena (the startup competition)

 If you want to participate in this start up competition the due date for this program is October 2-4 2020. What are you waiting for just grab you tickets and win amazing investments? The brightest entrepreneurs, investors, 100+ businesses and tech lovers are there for on-stage interviews and the pitch battle.

·         To apply for the competition, the participants should have their start up to be almost 2 years’ old and must have a demo version of the product.

·         Secondly, the startup has to have raised up to $200K of investment

·         And have to be mentally ready to be interviewed and confirm your participation in those 40 startups lined up.

Get in the Ring-Global start up competition

This platform is very unique and host in the special way where you will get different challenges within the boxing ring across different cities. The starting date is on may and application was started on April 1st-30th the final will be held in June 2020. This is the best opportunity for you and your brand to get well known and a 1-year business developing support that covers all the expenses that is investment worth 500,000 Euros.

Jacob start up competition 2020

If you have an idea that can stand out from other teams, then this platform is best way to polish your idea into a more competitive format. This is not just a competition of winning or losing but also a way to help entrepreneurs to guide from the very first day of your competition. They will help you achieve your business idea into a growing venture. In the first application round the entrepreneurs will be shadowed by professional mentors, get a chance to participate in Webinars that will help you in learning most important aspects of founding you own business.

   Global pitch

 Now you don’t need to go anywhere just sit in your living room and participate in the global pitch competition. This platform is the popular online pitch competition in the world. Powered by Australian start up deal Matrix, you can bring your ideas in front of the investors, deliver your main agenda all over the media with just a few clicks away. The dates for the competition is scheduled on November 11. Final Pitch takes place on December 12.

BBVA Open Talent 2020

BBVA is the fintech startup competition. It helps find the best talent of innovation technology solutions and driving them forward, working together to give them the lights on emerging projects.

If you think yourself as a shinnying light that can brightly dazzle the experts, then those experts are there for all the spotlights that can empower you even more brighter.

Startup battlefield

It is the most popular among the startup competition where one of the best teams get selected to be a part of the program and give exposure of their great ideas. The early stage startups who are dreaming to get bigger and better has to compete for the disrupt cup. The wining team will get a 50,000 Euros price package and mentorship of key industry investors.

Tech crunch Disrupt

 The startup competition goes around the world where millions of startup businesses place their piece of fortune in the Tech Crunch Disrupt. If you have missed this biggest opportunity previously then not, you worry as it is held two times in a row means twice a year. The wining team will not just grant price package of $50,000 but also receive tons of exposure from investors.

CLIC Start up competition

CLIC gives a chance to the young entrepreneurs to show their best product in a real world experiences and tune their business plan and elevator pitches that can successful help them generate the funding for their brand. The first round has already been start on November 2019-Feburary 2020. The date for the round 2 hasn’t been decided yet. The individual or team will be selected in each round through a distinctive criterion.

·         Quality of the content of the business plan should be thoroughness

·         should be engaging the business model

·         Your product should have the ability to respond to circular economy and sustainability model

·         The quality of the presentation should effect the judges

·         A clear communication skills are required

 Code launch

If you have the next big idea of software or application, then here is the platform for you. The Texan company called code Authority, founded code Launch to give them a platform to rise their seed of success with the vendors. With the allocation of product development team and the mentorship of various industrialist has all been set to go.

Author bio:


Adam Shawn is the digital creator of best academic writers. He loves to play with words and create content that is primarily related to technology, marketing.   

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