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Trip: 12 Best Surfing Schools in the World

Written by daphnekoller show daphnekoller profile

Wednesday March 18 2020 10:58:07 AM

Date: from Mar 18, 2020 to Mar 16, 2029

Surf trip description:

It’s summer. Vacations are just around the corner. You are planning to adopt a new hobby of surfing, but don’t know which schools offer the best classes. Surfing is a great hobby to adopt. It requires focus, balance, and agility to master the craft of surfing. It helps in the development of a person. It makes you fit, and it is a fun activity overall. According to professional surfers, there isn’t quite anything like it. The feeling you get when you master the craft of balance is out of this world. There is nothing like mastering the wave. However, before you jump into taking the admission in a surfing school, you better take care of your academics first. You might be thinking, “I need to ace my online classes”, and it is a fair thought. So, take care of your academics first and then head out to join any surfing club.

Nothing beats a fun activity with a beautiful view of the sea. Especially if that activity is beneficial to your overall health too. It is a win-win situation for all. You are probably wondering, “What are the best surfing schools out there?” well wonder no more. We have devised a list of top 12 best surfing schools in the world to help you out with your surfing needs.

Lapoint Surf Camps – Portugal

There is nothing greater than a school that provides accommodation and transport with surfing activities. If you want to enrol yourself in such a school, Lapoint Surf Camps is a company you need to consider. Lapoint is a company that has six camps across six countries, mainly in Srilanka, Morocco, Portugal, Bali- Indonesia, and Norway respectively. They offer exciting packages with qualified tutors that can teach you the art of surfing. Thinking of a beautiful afternoon filled with fun surfing activities? Lapoint Surf Camps are your answer. The Portugal camp assigns one instructor to every six students and offers theory lessons, fitness training to get you started.

George Stoy Surf Coaching –UK

Recognized as the top 5 surfing schools in the UK, George’s surfing school serves as an all-in-one point for surfers. George Stoy, the owner, through his career, has pioneered many projects within the surfing school, such as Polzeath Ladies Surf Club. The ladies surf club sees local 50 women surfing twice a week. The school also tutor adults, as well as children. So, if you are a Brit or someone travelling to the north side of Cornwall, you should check out George’s surfing school.   

Buttons Surf School –Hawaii 

If you are a surfing enthusiast, you would be familiar with Buttons Kaluhiokalani. Buttons was a legendary Hawaiian Pro surfer that died in 2013 leaving behind a legacy to cater to. After his death, the surfing school is catering to his legacy by offering quality instructions to the young and old surfing enthusiasts alike. Do you want to enjoy the sunny Hawaiian beaches? Buttons Surf School is your way to go.

Surf School Lanzarote –Spain

Surf school Lanzarote is based at Famara Beach on the canary island’s north coast. The unusual weather of this beach adds to the adventure of surfing. The beach is based around volcanic cliffs that give off a chilling vibe for the surfers out there. The school is led by the head coach Tim Jonas, who has a credible experience of over 35 years. The passionate teacher loves his job. The school offers exciting packages to choose from. If you are residing in the same premises, or you want an out of the country experience, try Surf School Lanzarote. 

Jo Moraiz Surf School, Biarritz, France

Jo Moraiz Surf School has been teaching surfing since 1966. The school is based around France’s Atlantic coast. The surf school was established and founded by a French surfer who represented France in the world championships throughout the sixties. Now, his son, Christophe has taken up the mantle and teaches lessons there. Jo Moraiz surf school has credible and positive reviews all over the internet. So, if you want to surf in the rugged Atlantic coast, hit up Jo Moraiz Surf School for registration.

Go Surf, Lofoten Islands –Norway 

Go Surf is another company that teaches surfing to many people. Their surf camp is located at the Lofoten islands. Lofoten is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, with rich blue seas and haunting skies, making it one of the most dramatic places to surf in the world. Go surf is not just your average surf camp. With professional surfers, they also offer accommodation. Moreover, as part of their service, Go Surf’s extend their services beyond the waves by taking their surfers around the local community, exploring culture, nature, and craft. If you want an overall cultural experience, Go Surf is your way to go.

Ben’s Surf Clinic –Ireland 

Are you a beginner? Are you just starting to surf? Then County Clare’s quiet seas are your way to go. Ireland is an underrated place when it comes to surfing. However, contrary to popular beliefs, it serves as an excellent place for beginner surfers. There, Ben Bennett, through his Surf Clinic, is teaching surfing for the past 15 years. Ben has a credible experience and is one of the most reputable surf instructors the country has to offer. With exciting packages to choose from, Ben’s Surf Clinic is a good choice for novice surfers.

Zed’s Surfing Adventures –Barbados 

Barbados may not be the ideal surfing place for surfers. However, Zed Layson, the founder of Zed’s Surfing Adventures, is hell-bent on changing that perspective. Zed’s school has an excellent reputation among the surfing enthusiast. The surfing experience in Barbados gives off authentic sunset vibes. It is a great school for people who wants to connect with nature.

Son Surf School –South Africa 

Son surf school is run by South African surfer-pro Kelvin Zehmke. Teaching at one of the world’s famous surfing points, Jefferys Bay, Zehmke is adamant about teaching people the art of mastering the Jefferys Bay. No matter if you are good at it or you haven’t stepped a single foot on the water, Zehmke is here to teach you. If you want an overall private experience with the top-notch quality, you should consider Son Surf School.

Australian Surf Tours, New South Wales –Australia 

Around 70km south of Sydney, exist a surf camp that will serve your surfing needs. Based in the town of Thirroul, Australian Surf Tours offers some of the country’s best surfing classes. The school has jurisdiction over 10 beaches for their lessons. If you want a quiet and peaceful experience, head on to the Australian Surf Tours website for registration.

Newquay Activity Centre –UK 

Serving surfing enthusiasts for over 20 years, the Newquay Activity Centre is the oldest and longest-running surf school in Newquay. The Newquay Activity Centre has a variety of surf lessons in their repertoire. Enrol if you want an all in one experience within a good price range.

Croyde Surf Academy –UK 

Croyde Surf Academy is another surfing school that will satisfy your surfing needs. From beginner’s lessons to advance training, Croyde Surf Academy caters to all. The academy has a strong rating on trip advisors.

The above-mentioned schools are some of the best in the world. From safety to the fun activity, these schools deserve your consideration. However, you need to take care of your academics first if you are to enrol yourself in a surfing school. If “I need to Ace My Online Classes” is your new year’s resolution, you need to adhere to it before admitting yourself to a surfing school.



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