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Trip: How should I structure my speech?

Written by bbeverlyppeyton1968 show bbeverlyppeyton1968 profile

Saturday February 8 2020 04:54:09 PM

Date: from Feb 8, 2020 to Feb 8, 2020

Surf trip description:

    How should I structure my speech?

Once you have selected the topic of your speech, you should make sure you have a structure that allows your audience to follow you. To do this, Write Essay Today  has a base structure for the preparation of speeches:

1. Introduction that

Get the attention of your audience

Enter the topic of the speech

2. Body

 The main point

i. Secondary Point

ii. Visual aids

b. The main point

i. Secondary Point

ii. Visual aids

c. The main point

i. Secondary Point

ii. Visual aids

3. Conclusion


Call to action or formidable assertion

Do not include more than 3 main points, because you will not have time to address them, or you will not allow their maturity in the speech.

Solidly writing your speech will prevent you from forgetting it is much simpler when you have structured it. Structure your speech, so it is easier and more fun.

How to start a speech and lose the audience in the attempt

How to start a speech is something that should be taught at school. Or at least in college. Unfortunately, that does not happen and that is why there is a lot of suffering in conferences, meeting rooms and offices. Write Essay Today explains why.

The vast majority of presentations are inflatable tostones after which people get dizzy, sore or both at the same time.

But many presentations could be saved but they lose the public in minute one, for not starting effectively.

How to start a speech in the worst way

Does this sound like to you ?:

Good Morning. My name is Beverly, Commercial Manager of X Industries. First of all, thank you very much for receiving me. It is a pleasure to introduce you to our new product line. I hope my presentation is to your liking.

This is the most common way to start presentations all over the world. And just as typical it is just as boring, predictable and uninteresting. It is the most effective formula to make those who listen to us disconnect and switch to “screen saver” mode instantly.

Capturing people's attention is increasingly difficult

Technologies and social networks unite and separate us at the same time. They shorten the distances of many virtual ones, although they also distance us from many other real ones while forcing us not to get bored. We are in an era of lack of attention. It has never been so difficult to capture and maintain people's attention, nor so easy to stop providing it.

Given this, how do we make room in that short window of time in which our listeners put their radar on us? There is only one answer: Surprising them.

What surprises and captures attention?

The different, the novel, the transgressive, the politically incorrect, what breaks with customs and everything that goes against the status and the pre-established.

What does not surprise and disperse attention?

The same as always, every day, the predictable, the standardized, what follows the rules, the traditional and everything that is less interesting than the mobile phone, than the tablet or MP3.

The sad thing is that, on many occasions, we follow the rules and seek to meet certain expectations simply "because it has always been done that way" and we do not question the reason for such customs.

Therefore, we set aside creativity and remain in an eternal state of "the same" from which we are unable to surprise anyone. This is especially important when making presentations and is evident from the introduction.

How to start a speech surprising the public and leaving you wanting more?

With a bombshell. As the action films do: they do not show the credits from the beginning but, rather, they begin with a scene that awakens the attention of the spectators and sets the pace towards the outcome. The credits come right after.

The bombing will depend on several factors:

  • The nature of the public: A group of scientists is not the same as a first-year college class.

  • The personality of the presenter: An extroverted enthusiast is not the same as a shy introvert; although both must make presentations.

  • The context: Mixture between the nature of the public and the place - the presentation of the quarterly results before the shareholders meeting is not the same as a motivational speech addressed to sellers.

The above variables will determine whether the bombing should tend more towards the emotional or more towards the analytical. It is probably not convenient to tie a group of businessmen with the story of when I lost my teddy bear, or overwhelm high school graduates with a lot of statistics.

Taking these variables into account, you have to put creativity to the matter to be able to leave them "stiff" and with eyes wide open.

How to start a speech shockingly: 5 Trick

Here Write Essay Today gives you five tricks that would serve very well when you start presentations and get people's attention. Starting a speech using any of these will help you get people's attention immediately.

1. Rhetorical question

It puts people to think from the beginning.

Why are we not able to get away from the bad company?

2. Appointment

It marks a line of thought and gives a touch of credibility to our talk (in addition to what we have already created previously). It is preferable to avoid widely used appointments because with them we will not surprise anyone. It is also advisable to quote someone with whom the public can identify.

3. Curious or striking data

It arouses curiosity and, consequently, makes people want to hear more.

Recent studies confirm that 80% of the world's working population is not happy with their work.

4. Controversial phrase

Shake people. It can produce a certain antagonism, but mere boldness makes the user use it, at least one more minute of attention.

Eighty percent of you are not happy with your daily life (idea taken from the previous curious fact; to continue elaborating).

5. History or anecdote

It is the most effective way to keep people's attention because we are designed to learn by listening to them.  A few years ago, when I was still young and adventurous, I met a person who would change the course of my life.

All these resources must be relevant to the central theme. Anything that does not support and add to the main message should be discarded.

And when I greet and thank you?

You are probably wondering something like "when do I show up, say good morning and thank you for the invitation?"

After the introduction, it is appropriate to introduce yourself, thank the invitation and list the points to be discussed. It is not a plan to upset anyone and this is part of the usual protocol. But we only have to do it once we are on the same frequency, presenter and public; once we have the pan grabbed by the handle.

Unfortunately, surprising the audience from the first moment is not a magic recipe for us to be heard ad infinitum. However, it does assure us to awaken in it the desire to want to hear what we have come to say.

It is our passport to the next part of the presentation for which we must have done our homework so that the content is interesting and answers the question “why should I be interested?”.

After surprising and capturing attention, it must be maintained. But unfortunately, this escapes the scope of this article. It is time to take control and win the battle against the mobile phone.

Modified: Saturday February 8 2020 04:55:39 PM
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