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Trip: How not to do if you want to have sex with a girl

Written by Candal show Candal profile

Monday September 23 2019 17:01:00

Date: from Sep 3, 2019 to Sep 11, 2019

Surf trip description:

Based on both legit hookup sites review like fuckr, and even scam ones, you will discover that the basic service which is available, is sex. However, there are a good number of reasons why people join adult dating platforms. Some join because they want to flirt, others join because they need a stable and working relationship, and they feel they would see their specification on these dating platforms.

 yellow rose flower

For those who want to flirt with a girl, and end up having sex with her, there are some measures which should be put in place to ensure that, you do not go about it the wrong way.

· Have a good profile: No matter how good your intentions are, if your profil

e is not well structured, you are scaring away a potential sex-mate. No girl is clairvoyant, they cannot know the benefits of having you, so it is impossible for them to have a good guess when they see your poorly constructed profile.

An attractive profile stands the chance to lure more girls, than a profile which is sub-standard. Having the right features on your profile is essential. You need to choose a creative username, which you can coin from your real name. Ensure you upload a very good picture of yourself, and let your profile do the magic.

For those who lie about the details on their profile, in the long run, it would be disadvantageous because when they get the girl they want, it would be difficult to meet up in reality because of their fake profile.


· Avoid the sex topic at first: One mistake which guys often make is, when they chat up a girl on an online dating platform, they go straight to the sex topic, without bothering to know more about the girl.

Most girls frown at this, and they do not take guys who do this serious. There is a process which needs to be followed when it comes to asking girls for sex, and it should not be the first topic.

Guys need to know more about the girl, her likes and dislikes, her value system, where she lives and the likes. According to the legit best fuckr review, doing this ensures that you are laying a good foundation for your relationship, and it would be easy to introduce the sex topic in the nearest future.

 photography of man and woman resting

· Do not be a bore: There are some guys who have well-structured profiles, but communication seems to be their weakest point.

They find it hard to sustain a chat, and this is why most of them go straight to the point without getting to know the girl first. It is advised that guys who are in this position, step up their game by learning how to make a girl happy and invested in your communication.

If this is played out well, it would be easy to make her your friend, because she is already into you.


· Do not play hard to get: Another mistake which guys make is, they play hard to get. Once good communication has been set-up, some girls will begin to give the green-light signal, which implies that you can bring up the sex topic.

However, guys should not take this for granted and stall. It is best that when the girl starts dropping hints which are related to sex during your communication, you need to take the bull by its horns. Hence, you need to set-up the process for a date, where you can meet in reality, and take things to the next level.

There is no big deal having sex with a girl you meet on an adult dating platform, what matters is how you go about it. There is a standard process for doing this, and the tips have been summarized in this piece. Knowing how to do things the right way will get the girl of your dreams, in your bed.

It is however advised that, before you make a move for any girl on any dating platform, you need to be sure if she is a legit registered member or not, so that you will not fall into the hands of scammers.

Modified: Monday September 23 2019 17:01:00
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