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Trip: How to use inverted commas, capital letters, brackets, and full stop

Written by nanettecrittenden show nanettecrittenden profile

Wednesday July 3 2019 03:04:47 PM

Date: from Jul 3, 2019 to Jul 3, 2019

Surf trip description:

How to use inverted commas, capital letters and brackets

This is a quick reminder about the use of brackets, capital letters and inverted commas.

1. Using quotation marks or inverted commas.

Mostly used to enclose direct speech or a quotation mark.


My boss said to me "You were paid last week."

"Are you going to finish that?"  Shrek asked Fiona.

2. Using inverted commas to enclose quotations.


I was terrified the first time I read Stephen King's 'The Stand'.

Using brackets

1. Brackets are used to enclose a statement inserted into a sentence.


My friend persisted for months (even though I expressed no interest) about joining a dance class.

2. Brackets are useful for enclosing numbers.


A knowledge of SEO

(1) Content writing is king as far as SEO is tightly in place.

(2) Excellent material will go unread unless people know its there.

Using capital letters

1. Start a sentence with a capital letter.

2. Start a proper noun (Johnson, England, Jupiter) with a capital letter.

3. A capital letter should always be used to start days of the week and months of the year.

When should you use commas?

The use of the comma in sentences is not always clear, I probably use the comma too much at times.  It's useful to point out that too many commas, due to the buy essay writing service, can slow down an article or story and may even put your reader off.

1. Before your quotation marks for direct speech a comma should be used.


Daniella said, "I really like that jumper.  Does it come in pink?"

2. When you're writing a list use a comma.


I've almost packed my suitcase for my holiday, but I still need to put in some shirts, a hat, sun cream, sandals and my toiletry bag.

3. Separate two or more adjectives which refer to a particular noun with a comma.


Her curries tend to be tasteless, cold, thick and chewy.

4. When you put a phrase into a sentence to give more explanation, use a comma.


When he broke my black stilettos, which were brand new, I became very upset.

The correct time to use a full stop

One of the easiest punctuation marks to use, and is used at the end of a sentence/thought and also commands the longest pause.

1. Use a full stop at the end of a sentence.

A full stop ends a sentence as everyone knows.  A capital letter is then used to start a new sentence.

2. Use a full stop after an abbreviation.

Using a full stop after an abbreviation, a capital letter doesn't need to start the next word unless it's a proper noun, which will naturally require a capital letter.

Modified: Wednesday July 3 2019 03:04:47 PM
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