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Trip: Five Easy Golf Swing Tips For Your Inner Game

Written by jamesmwrightt show jamesmwrightt profile

Tuesday January 29 2019 05:00:14 PM

Date: from Jan 22, 2019 to Jan 29, 2019

Surf trip description:

Just one easy golf swing tips can improve your game. Which one will work for you?

These five golf  tips to improve your golf swing will have you believing in yourself as you enjoy your day on the course.

Besides, for good playing in golf you must have properly selected equipment. For example, for playing in winter very important choose best cold weather golf ball . It's ball with low compression.  

Paying attention to your golf swing right at the moment, while it is happening, is one of the hardest things to do.

You are so used to thinking about the shot that you just made. You are remembering how good (or bad) it was.

Then you start thinking about the next one.

Each tip involves your inner game of golf rather than a specific technique so that you are paying attention to your golf swing right while it is happening.

Self-hypnosis is the power behind your inner game giving you the ability to hyper-focus on each of these golf tips.


Картинки по запросу golf routine 

5 Easy Golf Swing Tips

1. Awareness

While you practice, take a few easy swings. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished golfer, there are a lot of things going on at once as you take a swing. Focus on your body and notice what stands out. Is there tension or tightness? Exactly where do you feel it? As you pay close attention to the area where you feel a tension, you will automatically release it.

2. Acceptance

Start at your feet and scan each part of your body as you move towards your head. Notice how each part feels and what it is doing. At this point, don't be judgmental about what you think it should be doing. Just notice and accept what it is doing. You may think that your feet are supposed to be a certain way and find that they aren't doing what you think they should. Once you begin to notice, they will gradually and naturally make the adjustment. The same goes for the rest of your body.


Похожее изображение 

3. Tempo

Every player will play at their own tempo. Just because you see a pro linger before they swing the club doesn't mean you should do the same thing. You probably process information at a different speed. Speeding it up or slowing it down can kill your game. Be aware of your own tempo and allow it to happen naturally.

4. Rehearsal

Most golfers know the importance of the mental rehearsal but few actually do it. You get distracted before you begin your game of golf because you are busy catching up with your friends. Or maybe you are placing your bets. Make it part of your pre-golf routine to mentally rehearse your swing. You will walk to the first tee with more confidence as you remember the feeling of success and believing in yourself as a winning golfer.

5. Recognition

It is interesting to note that we talk about playing a 'round' of golf. Something that is round has no beginning and it has no end. There is always another goal or something else that you want to improve. Simple recognition of this fact will help you to relax and enjoy. After all, this is what keeps you coming back to play again and again. Isn't it?

When you put some focus on your inner game, you'll find that you enjoy your round of golf even more.

Get started with your favorite of these easy tips for perfect golf swing and add a little self hypnosis for an extra boost of focus.

Modified: Tuesday January 29 2019 05:02:25 PM
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