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Surf sessions of Bali

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  Date Surf spot Session's Rate Wind direction Waves height Author  
Show 06-04-2016 padang padang Less than 1m / 3ft flavienfelder.2
Show 03-04-2016 Uluwatu 1.5m-2m /5ft-6ft flavienfelder.2
Show 19-10-2015 Berawa frallus
Show 12-06-2015 Medewi No wind 2m-2.5m / 6ft-8ft rollopost
Show 27-04-2014 Balian nevespacheco
Show 23-05-2011 Serangan Onshore 1.5m-2m /5ft-6ft ianmchenry Bali
Show 25-04-2011 Uluwatu 1.5m-2m /5ft-6ft D7Seas
Show 20-04-2011 padang padang Less than 1m / 3ft D7Seas
Show 15-11-2010 Pererenan Warrel52 Bali
Show 15-11-2010 Balangan No wind 1.5m-2m /5ft-6ft Warrel52 Bali
Show 22-10-2010 Ewan's Left No wind 1m-1.2m / 3ft-4ft antfarm
Show 19-08-2010 Dreamland Offshore 1.0m-1.5m / 3ft-5ft chris Lombok & Bali 2010
Show 18-08-2010 Shipwrecks Offshore 2.5m-3m / 8ft-10ft chris Lombok & Bali 2010
Show 02-01-2010 Dreamland Offshore 1.5m / 5ft gigwaves
Show 15-11-2009 Uluwatu 2m-2.5m / 6ft-8ft StuntPlasser
Show 20-08-2009 Legian Beach No wind Less than 1m / 3ft Hannah1502
Show 30-04-2009 Canggu 2m-2.5m / 6ft-8ft D7Seas
Show 10-09-2008 padang padang Offshore 2m-2.5m / 6ft-8ft John99
Show 02-01-2008 Canggu No wind 1.5m-2m /5ft-6ft Gonny
Show 25-08-2007 Uluwatu No wind 2m-2.5m / 6ft-8ft sponger4life
Show 18-06-2007 Nusa dua Onshore Less than 1m / 3ft lulufever
Show 28-05-2007 Ceningan Point 1.5m-2m /5ft-6ft Ranga
Show 15-04-2007 Kuta Beach Offshore 1.5m-2m /5ft-6ft lulufever
Show 12-03-2007 Uluwatu No wind 1.0m-1.5m / 3ft-5ft Vlad Les gros en Indo
Show 05-02-2007 Uluwatu Offshore 1.5m-2m /5ft-6ft Guruba
Show 05-02-2007 Lacerations (Nusa Lembongan) Offshore 1.0m-1.5m / 3ft-5ft Guruba
Show 28-01-2007 Serangan Offshore 2.5m-3m / 8ft-10ft marquez Indo 2007 wet season
Show 26-12-2006 Balangan digirust
Show 14-10-2006 Uluwatu Offshore 2.5m-3m / 8ft-10ft vicco_rules
Show 07-09-2006 Bingin ksu
Show 28-06-2006 Uluwatu Offshore 2.5m-3m / 8ft-10ft ozsurfer101 Indo 2006
Show 21-04-2005 Uluwatu 1.5m-2m /5ft-6ft surfguy888
Show 08-04-2005 Kuta Reef Offshore 1.5m-2m /5ft-6ft surfguy888
Show 06-04-2005 Airport's Offshore 2m-2.5m / 6ft-8ft surfguy888
Show 18-11-1999 Kuta Beach 1m-1.2m / 3ft-4ft dotdashdashdash
Show 20-06-1997 padang padang Offshore 1.5m / 5ft Guruba
Show 11-12-1987 Sanur - Grand Hyatt Offshore 1.5m-2m /5ft-6ft ozsurfer101 Sanur 1987


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