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Session: 1st Surf in WA state @ The Cove

Written by kennywagner show kennywagner profile

Wednesday August 19 2009 10:58:15 AM

Surf spot: Half Moon Bay, United States of America

Session's Rate:

Wind Strength: Light

Nb waves ridden: 12+

Length of the surf session: 120 min

Surfboard ridden: 6'1" - Rental

Fins: Thruster - 3

Weather and water temp: 80 Air Temp - Sunny - 60 Water Temp

Waves height: 1.5m-2m /5ft-6ft

Waves Quality:
- Soft
- Fun
- Ledgey
- Fast

Waves Shape:
- Walls
- Close out


Considering this was one of the hottest days this summer and it was nothing but clear skies with slight off shore wind w/ a little sideshore it was a very nice day to go out.  

This was my first time surfing in WA state with a 4/3 mm wet suit with booties so that was a little restrictive but I did get used to it.  Hands got cold and had to keep warm the whole time but the rest of the body was fine...booties did great...feet were never cold.

Bottom line it was a very nice day.  I was out 2 hours.  The sets were nice with a few in the 6-8ft range but a lot of walled out sets with a few sides you can catch.  Break also is right on the shore so as the tide rolled in it broke closer on the beach as the waves weren't catching out farther...they had to roll in to break except the larger sets.

Another swell is rolling in this weekend in the overhead range according to the forecast so will head out again & report back.  It'll be interesting to see the crowd difference as there was only about 6 guys out with 1/2 of those if not more learning how to surf. 


Created: Thursday August 20 2009 08:06:46 PM

Modified: Thursday August 20 2009 08:06:46 PM

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