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13 years ago
13 years ago
13 years ago

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Shortboard / Thruster, Longboard, Bodyboard
Respect! (20+ yrs)
Smackin the lip
Once or twice a week
Messanges (Landes, FRANCE)
Labenne (Landes, FRANCE)
Guétary (Pays Basque, FRANCE)
Maroubra (Sydney, AUSTRALIA)
Briech (Tanger, MORROCCO)
Messanges (Landes, FRANCE)
Briech (Tanger, MORROCCO)
Double Overhead
Right Reef, Beach Break, Left Reef
Cutback, Ollie, Re entry, Wipe out
Drop in, Cutback, Drop knee, Tube, Reverse Off the Lip, Snap, El Rollo, Backflip
la Lette Blanche, Vielle St Gitons (Landes), juin 2004
2m, blue sea, super beach break, riht side from the baîne !!!
perfect waves !!
4 m waves, my biggest, in 1995, with my first bodyboard !!!
I was too little on the wave, take off, large bottom turn, barrel, and scrash it !! no go out from the barrel, I wastaken by the sandly washing machine !!
kelly slater / tom curren / robert teritheau / robby naish / kainoa mc gee / lair hamilton (max respect)

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Kovalam Regional Classic All surfers Right and left Beach-break 21 4 2

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