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12 years ago
12 years ago
12 years ago

My Surf Profile

Shortboard / Thruster, Single / Retro
Established (6-9 yrs)
In Progression
Occasionally during year
Hazouk Beach- Israel
Hazouk Beach, Hilton Beach, Hamaravi, Hadromi, Playa Hermosa- CCosta Rica
Right Pointbreak, Right Reef, Beach Break, Left Pointbreak, Left Reef
Bottom Turn, Cutback, Snap, Re entry, Floater, Long Wall
Drop in
It dosen't matter what kind of wipe out but being under the water on rocky beach or reef when the wave just continue to come one by one and i have no time to get out of the pointbreak.
Dane Reynlodes, Lisa Anderson, Carrisa Moore, Joel Parkinson, Oocy, Chelsea Georgeson,

My Quiver

3- Thrusther
Ultra Wave
Well Used
Really good board i surf with him for 2 and a half years, as i bought it i got improved imediatly, i start running on the wave. It's easy to do some tricks with it.
As i bourht it, i got improved imediatly. my speed on the wave was housome

My Surftrips

Three years ago i was in Costa Rica for a month at that time i wasn't such a good surfer so i surf just in Jaco, Hrmosa and Boca branca.
I was there with my Dad so it wasn't the best trip ever but i got to know what is the Ocean.
Anyway it was amazing trip for me. i surfed on perfect wave that i never thoght i will, i got to see a wonderful view and to live my life for a month when all about surfing. In couple years i will do this trip again and cross all the pacific beaches in Costa.
Preper surfing trip to the Maldive islands in Dec/Jan don't know yet,
Once a year
About a month
Yes, with friends
Proximity to good waves, Warm water, Meet people

Personnal info

Tel Aviv
Just In (20-24yrs)
Surfing, Travel, Reading, Playing, Hangout, Sleep, Be free to do what i want
Money issue, Flat waves, Drama, Bed behavior.
Self Employed
Surf, Treckking, Road biking, Horseriding, Other
Rock but not havey, Old rock, Acustic, Country, Indie
A broken down melody, Young guns
The graduate, Taking lives,
11 Minutes, Badolina, Runaway from Touietzi

Surfed Spots

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Favourite lists

Nb of surf spots: 3

Costa rica

3 surf spots

Pacific South

Surf Spot GPS Atlas Rate Level Direction Type SS HS WL  
Boca Barranca World Class All surfers Left Point-break 164 12 29
Hermosa Regional Classic All surfers Right and left Beach-break 451 29 19
Jaco Beach Normal All surfers Right and left Beach-break 434 11 15

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