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13 years ago
12 years ago
12 years ago

My Surf Profile

Shortboard / Thruster, Longboard, Waveski, Fish, Skimboard
Established (6-9 yrs)
All Conditions Surfer
Once or twice a week
Burnout, El Porto, Avenues, Teahupoo... well not really but close.
The Bowl in Hanalei, Kauai, San Onofre of course, Baja Malibu in Mexico is pretty fun too
Right Pointbreak, Right Reef
Hang Five
When I used to live in Kauai there were so many days that I could say were my best sessions. Its not like here in California where you HAVE to get in the water before 10 AM to get decent waves. nah. In Kauai there were days when I had literally 6 hours straight of perfect surf in warm water, not a cloud in sight, and maybe 7 or 8 people at the very most at the break. Man I miss it.
I was surfing a contest at El Porto when I was a freshman. I had just sprained my wrist skateboarding a couple days before but I could still surf, just had to get up "Bethany Hamilton" style. The waves were pretty good size, but for a 5'2" girl, 110lbs... they were overhead. The surf was super stormy, walled, thick, and just basically huge dumping gross bombs. Not to mention there was a HUGE current too. So my heat starts, i make it past about two waves, then a HUGE set comes. I take a deep breath and duck dive only to get sucked over the falls, hit the bottom and get held under for a while. I finally come up for air, hair all over my face and can't breath, right when i open my eyes another wave about 8 foot, same thing happens. Same thing happens 4 waves in a row... it finally stops and i paddle a little, thanking god its over... and then AGAIN. SAME THING. 2 MORE SETS IN A ROW. hhaha i thought I was going to drown.

Personnal info

United States of America
Young Gun (14-19yrs)
Superb things in life that I enjoy:
a good surf session followed by Phanny's breakfast burritos, watching lightning storms and listening to the thunder, burned marshmallows, naps, cooking, worship, laughing, friends and family, men with accents haha,smiling, la guitarra y el ukulele, people that can play the piano really really well, kissing in the rain :], camping, the smell of garlic, onions, and butter together in a frying pan, Art, taking pictures of things that intrigue me, NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL, roller coasters, jumping off of high objects into water, pickles.
Things in life I'm not too fond of:

Mustard, bug bites, smelly dogs, overcooked pasta, people that dont wear deodorant, shoes that give you blisters, sandy surf wax, almonds or nuts in ice cream... but sometimes people eat them for me, big sunglasses,drugs and or alcohol,jellyfish, STAR and E! and stuff like that that focus on celebrities, cornstarch, dentists, seaweed, crowded surf, traffic, sushi, people that aren't trustworthy, that time of the month, barf smell, coleslaw.
English, Spanish
Surf, Skate, Base jump, Snowboard, Fishing, Other
Wakeboard, Skimboard, Pole Vault!
Almost anything. I like pretty much everything between Phantom of the Opera to Metallica

Big Wednesday, North Shore, Riding Giants, Campaign 1&2
Office Space, Tombstone, Braveheart, Forrest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, O Brother Where Art Thou
Lamb by Christopher Moore

Surfed Spots

List 'My Surfed Spots' of Erin310808 show Erin310808 profile

Favourite lists

Nb of surf spots: 12

United States of America

12 surf spots

LA County

Surf Spot GPS Atlas Rate Level Direction Type SS HS WL  
Dockweiler Beach Sloppy Beginners wave Beach-break 55 2 6
El Porto Regional Classic All surfers Right and left Beach-break 246 17 9
Haggarty's Regional Classic All surfers Left Point-break 68 3 5
Hermosa Beach Pier Normal All surfers Right and left Beach-break 142 3 8
Palos Verde - Bluff Cove Normal All surfers Right and left Reef-rocky 65 4 2
Torrance Beach The Avenues Normal All surfers Right and left Beach-break 61 3 2

Santa Barbara

Surf Spot GPS Atlas Rate Level Direction Type SS HS WL  
Refugio All surfers Right Point-break 66 1 4


Surf Spot GPS Atlas Rate Level Direction Type SS HS WL  
Hanalei Bay World Class Experienced surfers Right 132 15 17
Kalapaki Beach Normal All surfers 40 2 2
PK's Regional Classic All surfers Right and left Reef-rocky 44 1 8
Poipu Normal Experienced surfers Left Reef-rocky 106 2 4
Shipwrecks - Hyatt beach Regional Classic Experienced surfers Right and left Reef-coral 69 1 8

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Surf Trips

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