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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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On this episode of mxsteez Abroad the team visits El Tunco, El Salvador for some surf and a little night life.  The team makes their way to Leon, Nicaragua to wander around the city for three days.  Sit back, Relax and catch up with your favorite surfers from San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico.  

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www.mxsteez.com 04:52

El Salvador


Longboard Surfing & Kneeboard

Music :: Psycho Surfers "Gardo Stomp" 

Lonboarding is not a Crime 03:13

Port Ginesta

just another surf movie made out of pics. 03:03

River reuss

Miramar Surf Camp 2011 consists of 2 large compounds with 8 full equipped Ac rooms which sits upon a half Acre. We have ample parking , Surf Front Pool , Restaurant area , game Area ( Ping Pong , Basketball , darts , video games ... ) and surf font chill out spots , in addition of hammocks , rocking chairs and quality mattresses to make your stay comfortable before and after surf

We are strategically positioned right in front of one of the best reef breaks of Nicaragua, in a place blessed by waves all over and Off shore winds. It's not necessary have a car to surf Our area , Here you have access to many waves within walking distance and our own boat that provide the best service for surf Puerto Sandino 03:44

Puerto Sandino

Mejores Fotos

foto de surf

Pt. Leo

foto de surf

Anchor point

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    [ Spot de surf ] L'Hermitage France, Mediterranean
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    [ Spot de surf ] Shatby beach Egypt
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    [ Spot de surf ] Las Tres Piedras Spain, Andalucia
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    [ Spot de surf ] Paraiso Peru, Lima
  • 03 sep 
    [ Spot de surf ] Santa Maria's USA, California, Santa Cruz
  • 02 sep 
    [ Foto ] Grande plage de Bandol France, Mediterranean.
  • 02 sep 
    [ Foto ] Grande plage de Bandol France, Mediterranean.
  • 02 sep 
    [ Foto ] Plage de Portisol France, Mediterranean.
  • 02 sep 
    [ Foto ] Plage de Portisol France, Mediterranean.
  • 02 sep 
    [ Spot de surf ] Grande plage de Bandol France, Mediterranean
  • 02 sep 
    [ Spot de surf ] Plage de Portisol France, Mediterranean
  • 26 ago 
    [ Spot de surf ] Margaret France, Vendee
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    [ Spot de surf ] Jug Handle State Beach USA, California, Mendocino
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    [ Spot de surf ] Nathans Slab Australia, WA, Perth North
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    [ Spot de surf ] bodu kanmathi Maldives
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    [ Spot de surf ] Point Michaud Canada, East Coast
  • 26 ago 
    [ Spot de surf ] Strathy bay UK, North Scotland
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    [ Spot de surf ] Dedis Australia, QLD, Sunshine Coast
  • 26 ago 
    [ Spot de surf ] Polonio Sur Uruguay
  • 26 ago 
    [ Spot de surf ] Trestel France, Brittany North

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