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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Best videos

This is an excerpt from a recent trip to Israel focusing on Tel Aviv shaper Hani Ovadia... Just a look into the daily life of an Israeli surfboard builder and some of the locals and visitors that ride his boards.The footage is part of an upcoming documentary that I am shooting in which Hani will be featured along side some of Israels surfing personalities.Like I said, this is just a quick edit to see how some of the footage works together.

This vodeo is a copy! 01:57




On this episode of mxsteez Abroad, the team makes it to Dominical, Costa Rica, where they stayed for several weeks with the assistance of helpful contributors such as the Tucan Hotel.  The team enjoyed surfing the Dominical beach break, chilling at the waterfalls in Uvita (the town we stayed in), and working hard in trade for lodging.  As you can see... it has been a great time.  And there are still great times to come!  This video goes out to everybody who has helped us so far in making this trip possible.  We thank you all! 

Stay tuned as the team will be making their way to Pavones, Costa Rica.

Enjoy the episode and don't forget to subscribe to the Youtube channel and to the mxsteez blog as well. 09:00

Costa rica

Kite Mansion on Tour - Taiba 02:42


Best photos

surf photo

Boca Inlet
United States of America

surf photo

La Perouse Bay
United States of America

surf photo

Sandon Point

surf photo

Boa Baranca

  What's up

  • Mar 08 
    [ Surf spot ] Punta Brava Panama
  • Mar 08 
    [ Surf spot ] Marhina Morocco, South
  • Feb 20 
    [ Surf spot ] Judiths Fancy Virgin Islands
  • Feb 20 
    [ Surf spot ] Red Bluff Australia, VIC, East Coast
  • Feb 19 
    [ Surf spot ] 26th Ave. USA, California, Santa Cruz
  • Feb 19 
    [ Surf spot ] Playa guanico Panama
  • Feb 19 
    [ Surf spot ] Papuços Portugal, Central Ericeira
  • Feb 19 
    [ Surf spot ] Mondos USA, California, Ventura
  • Feb 14 
    [ Surf spot ] Port Glaud Lefts Seychelles, Mahe
  • Feb 09 
    [ Surf spot ] Anse Poules Bleues Seychelles, Mahe
  • Feb 09 
    [ Surf spot ] L'Aubraie France, Vendee
  • Feb 09 
    [ Surf spot ] Sauveterre France, Vendee
  • Feb 09 
    [ Surf spot ] Flannies Canada, Great Lakes
  • Feb 09 
    [ Surf spot ] Negra Chile, Central Santiago
  • Feb 09 
    [ Surf spot ] Playa Amarilla Chile, Central Santiago
  • Feb 09 
    [ Surf spot ] La Boca Con Con Chile, Central Santiago
  • Feb 09 
    [ Surf spot ] Oxwich Bay UK, South Wales
  • Feb 04 
    [ Photo ] Las Pocitas Peru, North.
  • Feb 04 
    [ Photo ] Las Pocitas Peru, North.
  • Feb 04 
    [ Surf spot ] Las Pocitas Peru, North
  • Jan 31 
    [ Surf spot ] MM Australia, NSW, Coal Coast
  • Jan 31 
    [ Surf spot ] Sandvik Iceland
  • Jan 29 
    [ Surf spot ] Wimereux plage France, Normandy
  • Jan 29 
    [ Surf spot ] Wimereux reef France, Normandy
  • Jan 29 
    [ Surf spot ] K11 Morocco, South

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  • May 02 
    [ Info ] New Wannasurf : What do you think about ? The layout of Wannasurf has totally changed. Tell us what do you think about on the forum !

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