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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By anonymous , 20-09-2004

FACT - Check the buoys and see for yourself. As I type the Pacific coast is getting 5' to 10' swell at 16 Seconds. Which means the waves are breaking anywhere from 6' to almost 15' faces at the premier breaks. But please do not come here you might drown!

By anonymous , 20-09-2004

TO "drugbuster" - Very interesting atittude!...I bet you have never even travel otuside the United States!...If so it seems like you are not a respectufull traveler. If you ever grow the balls to go to Colombia and do some "searching" I will bet you will eat up your words and not with your dirty little mouth! Grow some balls and show some respect. Or else ask to anyone that has visited Colombia. Two coastlines definetly give you something to wait for all year round. Jose Gonzalez.

By drugbuster , 13-09-2004

CO surf sucks - to all gringos- don't waste your time coming to Colombia, there are no "world class waves" here, you'll be very dissapointed, and more violence and drugs than you will ever imagine. Better off hitting Brazil Chile Peru Argentina and Uruguay, where there ARE world class waves without the drugs and violence. to eurotrash who come here for the cheap coke, and all critical of the states, do what you like...

By , 29-06-2004

SURFISTA DE URUGUAY - Como va todo por ahi? espero que anden todos bien. Me llamo juan y soy de uruguay, estoy arreglando con un par de amigos un viaje a colombia a surfar para principios de agosto. Me gustaria saber a donde me conviene ir y las condiciones de las olas. Nos gustan los lugares tranquilos, osea pueblos pequeños con buenas olas y no mucha gente. Si es posible tambien me gustaria saber que comome conviene trasladarme desde Bogota que es donde llego.
Desde ya muchas gracias y buenas olas para todos

By , 24-06-2004

Pacific waves - Si hay olas en el Pacífico, ya he enviado varias fotos de diferentes se poruqe no las publican...pero chequea mi página web: , ademas hoy registrare dos spots mas. Para ver si incluyen algo

By bob , 20-06-2004

venezolano arrecho - hey, donde coño estan las playas del pacifico colombiano? o no las listaron?,por que no hay una sola?. sera que no hay olas? no lo creo.
hey, where the hell are the beaches of the pacific side? why aren´t listed?, or you have not visit a single one?, i don´t think so.

By colsurf , 12-06-2004

colombian surf - hello, waves in colombia are excelleent there are lost of spots that havent been discovered all along the caribbean as well as the pacific coast where you can find waves as big and and rideable as the ones in costa rica the acces to this coast is a bit difficult but there are permante surfears that live thre and have hotels were you cna stay go to web page and click on SURF TRIP EN EL CANTIL

, on the other hand cartagena that is in the caribbean also has good waves during the hole year the most constant months are between november and may but the waves arent pretty well shaped but between june and august the waves are as constat but they are very well formed nice long tubes most beaches are sand bottom like the ones in cartagena like Las Velas 45 minut north from cartagena in car we have Galerazamba that has the best best nerest wave but if you really eant good waves you can go to the tayrona park that is like 3 hours in car from cartagena thsi places is beautifull lots of spots they place has is a inidan reserve and we have waves during the hole years and theres always an offshore that keeps the wave excellent...

keep surfing

By Javier de España , 27-05-2004

Hablamos de Colombia - Si hablamos de Colombia porque no podemos hacerlo en Español. Hablo 5 lenguas y me niego a seguir haciendole el juego siempre a un grupo de incultos . Como se puede comprobar en los escritos hay gente con mentes cerradas y abiertas en todos los paises.
Realmente conocí Colombia y me llevé una maravillosa sorpresa; de mi miedo y temor encontré el más maravilloso país del continente americano con la gente más culta educada y acogedora de todas. Ahora quiero ir a surfear no solo a trabajar.
No hay que olvidar que todavía hay serios problemas de seguridad en el pais (reduciéndose rapidamente) pero debemos recordar que los hay en todos. USA es el pais del continente americano donde más asesinatos diarios hay, más muertes por drogas, robos. A pesar de tener una renta per cápita tan alta como las más altas de Europa, tiene una esperanza de vida de casi 10 años por debajo de la media europea, curiosamente son los de raza negra e hispanos los de más baja esperanza de vida. Lo siento , los Estados Unidos es maravilloso pais con maravillosa gente, pero no necesitamos que nos venga ningun nuevo "salvavidas" de allí cuando es el pais que más muerte está exportando fuera de sus fronteras.

By Christian , 02-05-2004

Surfing Colombia - In July i travel to colombia to meet some old friend and go surfing. But were? can someone give me an advice? I'm a beginner, but i really dont want to practice in white water. Where is a good spot with a nice little town where we can rent boards and have a good time? Me friend wants to go to cartagena. But are there any waves in July?
Thanks for every advice Christian

By USA at Fault... THANK YOU! , 27-04-2004

You got it, mate - And thanks for making the drugs available to all us American addicts. It is our own business to snort, smoke and inject the drugs you supply us with, it is your business that FARC and other drug-growing and dealing revolutionary groups use the money you get from us on drug sales to terrorize innocent villagers, tourists and your government, bomb churches, kidnap people, and kill and maim people. It's really an ugly arrangement, n'est-ce pas? As for surf in your area, what's it like in Cali? In California, if you mind your own business, you can pretty much surf the whole coast without having to worry about getting gunned down with an Uzi-toting druglord or smuggler, or kidnapped.

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