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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Olaf , 04-05-2005

Surfboards in Colombia, Barranquilla - Hi there, sorry that I write in English, but my Spanish is not good enough yet. I'll be in Colombia, Barranquilla for a couple of months and am wondering if it is easy to get used surfboards so that I do not have to spend so much money on bringing my own along. Anyone any advice? Looking for shortboard that can handle a 90kg guy. Gracias por una respuesda a

By carlos , 13-04-2005

info - hola amigos. me gustaria ir a surfear el caribe colombiano, pero me gustaria saber si se puede hacer surf todo el año o es estacional. tambien algunos consejos. os agradeceria vuestra ayuda.

un saludo:

este es mi e-mail;

By OLAS..Que tal? , 11-04-2005

Buscando surfistas para surfear en Colombia - Hola a todos los surfistas Colombianos, y los que sin ser Colombianos realmente conozcan que es surfear en Colombia.
Leyendo este foro, vemos que existen una cantidad tremenda de Colombianos y extranjeros que estan interesados en surfear en Colombia, y lo han hecho. Estamos interesados en formar un grupo de surfistas para viajar a Colombia a finales de Junio del 2005. Por favor mantengan este sitio activo, es muy positivo y se ve que los que surfean en Colombia son gente muy bella. Si alguien esta interesado en formar el grupo o comunicarse para difundir informacion sobre este deporte, o ayudarnos con informacion y contactos para poder organizar el viaje.. por favor escribir a If your love to surf in Colombia, know what is like to surf in Colombia, have been surfing in Colombia, and are interested in forming a cool group of surfers to travel to Colombia to surf, or know anyone in Colombia who can provide information about surfing, traveling, staying, etc in Colombia during a surfing trip after June of 2005, Please write to us at Let's do it.

By colomgringo , 24-12-2004

get the right attitude - with the attitude that some of you portray....go ahead and go to colombia, chances are you will get decapataded and get thrown off a cliff...colombia is one of the most gorgeous and mysterious countries on the face of the planet. It does have world class waves on the pacific side, which most are unexplored and will stay that way. The caribbean side also has excellent surf ive seen the surf ive been there numerous times on vacation, my mother is colombian. Get the right attitude and youll be okay, but if you guy continue with your childish ways, forget about colombia---its off with your head. Anyways its more swell for me when i break out my board and hit the tropical, soothing, gringo-free country with WAVES and COLOMBIANAS----vive las colombianas!!!!

By Gilberto , 21-12-2004

Stop Talking and Go Surf Colombia - I read most of the posts from 2002 to present and laughed at some of the negativity coming out on both sides (i.e., colombiano vs. gringos gringos vs. gringos, etc.). Look, we all want to get some unspoiled waves with few if any crowds. So, go to Colombia. From what I've read (in Spanish and English), the local guys are saying "hey, come down and surf with us, but be cool." Who would reject that? As far as safety is concerned, Colombia has problem areas, but the entire country is NOT overun with FARC, etc. Bottom line: Go and explore if your gut tells you to. Otherwise, skip Colombia for now and surf it with the crowds later...

Gracias a todos los colombianos por habernos dado informacion sobre sus playas y olas lindisimas y la bienvenida a gozarlas con Uds. Uds. siempre estan bienvenidos a mi casa aqui en Los Angeles, California. Si desean realizar un viaje, escribame en: Ciao

By Gilberto , 21-12-2004

Surfing en Colombia - Soy colombiano-americano (mi papa es paisa y mi mama es gringa) y quierro realizar un viaje a colombia este ano con mi esposa (la mas linda guatemalteca que hay). Si tengo entendido bien, las mejores olas del pacifico estan en Nuqui. Es esto cierto? Me encantaria recibir informacion y fotos si seria posible a: Vivo en Los Angeles, California. Si quierren realizar un viaje aqui, escribame. Vivo cerca de la playa. Muchas gracias y viva colombia, es la beraquerra!!!

By anonymous , 14-12-2004

- in colombia there are waves but we don t want gringos to come, so drugbuster yu are right don t even come here cause we will take yu to spend sometime in the mountain
and yu will regret your words
fuck the states, no gringos in our country
i must said there are some exemptions... but very few.

By anonymous , 25-11-2004

Message to Christo - That season you can go to every surf spot in the caribean coast: San andres (Left), Tayrona and around, Prado mar (Barranquilla). In the Pacific side you must choose a spot looking to North....Like El Cantil at nuquí. i have an litle Eco-lodge there (7 rooms). Other seasons are very diferent. If you read spanish I can recomend to you some web sites. Just tell me.

Memo Gómez

By Christo , 15-11-2004

Specific surf spots - Hola
I am 23 from Australia and i am comin to Colombia, to check things out and wanna surf there. I have read some comments on where to surf but would like more details on where these waves are.
I am goin to be there from late Jan through to Feb and March.
If any generous people out there who would like to share some info that would be great.

By el-rollo , 13-11-2004

coast as seen from the air - Once I had one of those experience's that imprints permantely in your mind.

I flew over the Columbian coast on my way to Ecuador once and saw perfect 20 foot swells peeling flawlessly off long points, rivermouths and beach breaks. The breeze looked offshore and there was an island off the coast with wave peeling the entire length and even wraping around the south end a long ways. The island must have been at least 5 miles long. You can imagine what a ride that would be.
Anyone interested in forming a long duration surf expedition there?

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