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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Alexander Borelly , 01-03-2002

A Long time ago... - Hi my name is Alex, i´m a surfer from Colombia,But i´ve been gone from my country 8 years ago. I have plenty of great memories of Colombia, I´m completely agrred with a comment by Jose, i think a used to know him, he describe the surf i used to ride, diffficult for Kooks, glory for the local. Beatiful dolphins on what we used to call "mercury days", because of the water color.
Let me tell you those spots on my time were great all year round. El muelle has an incredible left, agressive and fast, not to big, but you can make some radical moves.
well, that all for today. Colombia, that surfing, and that type of girl, made think in heaven.

By Edu , 24-01-2002

Surfing the Pacific - What's up with la costa Pacifica and water temps?

By , 22-01-2002

HEllo surfers! - HI. MY name name is Jose. I am surfer from COlombia who now is away from home but let me tell you: The Caribbean Coast goes off!....Plenty of point breakes, rivermouths and beachbreaks....And on big swells the Reef breaks start to do its magic. Among the best brakes are: Galerazamba(classic point brake, wind ruins it. Hit it in the morning.El muelle(when its messy and windy it filters the current and protects the wave from the wind...HOlds big swells and the bigger the better makes perfect hollow barrels.Barely beats the 8' range.Season: Dic-MArch- Closest city B/quilla)...El bolsillo: another right point break....long rides, fun wave....pretty consistent all year season: Rainy season when the off shores blow to create a long, long ride...Don't tend to tube but very fun....Next to this spot there are several others....a beach brake that works really good on more westerly swells....and "el paredon"....Only breaks with big swells and clean conditions. Perhaps the most heavy spot in the coastline is "Punta Roca"...about 15Km north of Pradomar....excellent and very powerful point break...there has to be no wind or off shore breezes(Rainyseason)...rocky bottom...Intense ride!....That's all for now..Hope it helps somebody....Don't beleive everything they say ablout Colombia and go find out yourself...You might be impressed of the quality of the people and the uncrowded surf!PEACE!

By , 05-01-2002

baranquilla surfshops ? - hi there, i'm planning a surftrip to colombia soon but i was wandering if there are many surfshops in barranquilla for me to buy a new bodyboard and fins.

By , 03-12-2001

you forgot Cartegena - Las Velas in Cartagena is a powerful jetty break. In the winter the waves are consistent and hollow. I've surfed this wave a few times, and wish I could surf it all the time. The scene on the beach is wild. If I was you I would head down to Colombia to party and surf. Woman are grade "A". Galerasama is a world class right point. Rocky bottom, I'm just glad I didn't step on a sea urchin.

By webmaster , 24-10-2001

Colombia - Yep, we've corrected the spelling, Thanks!

By MRC , 21-10-2001

check the spelling - You guys got it spelled incorrectly: it is Colombia not Columbia, that is the capital of South Carolina. Keep your head down if you end up there! (actually in both places!!)

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