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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By seba , 06-10-2004

check this out - www.el for pictures in arg.

By endless summer , 14-09-2004

Argie rocks - I will keep this short. When the seasons change and the Atlantic kicks in, there are some awesome waves (big and sweet). Argentina, i will always come back.

Respect to E. Larson, `you know you got the biggest`.

By , 10-08-2004

Buscamos surfistas de Buenos Aires - Hola todos
Sommos dos estudiantes y vamos a estar en BA hasta el fin de febrero .Buscamos gente para pegarnos unos viajecitos a mar de plata u uruguay para compartir gasolina y fiestas u simplemente para conseguir informaciones. Vale la pena ir a mar de plata y uruguay en agosto?Bueno muchisimas gracias en adelante nos vemos
Bennet y Mike

By , 17-07-2004

Surfistas Argentinos... - por favor chequeen la pagina...gracias desde costa rica...

By , 20-06-2004

How to plan a surfing trip to Argentina - I want to surf in Argentina at the end of August for 10 dys. I cannot find any surf schools or shops listed on the internet. Can anyone give me any information on planning a surf trip there. Many Thanks


By el noruego , 06-01-2004

comprar tablas en argentina - Can someone tell me if it will be easy for me to buy a new board once I get to argentina? Should i look for it in BA or in MAr del plata? Espero que hacer surf en argentina. See you at the break

By GUILLERMO , 25-11-2003


By Jim , 08-11-2003

Whoa there, partner... - Your anti-England and USA diatribe is just as bad as the previous guy ranting against your country. Dude, I live in America and don't even have a TV, drink beer, etc. I work 50 hours a week and surf every chance I can. And please don't blame other nations for your country's problems. Argentina is better than stooping to that. Your country is nice- don't belittle it.

By anonymous , 07-11-2003

no title - this messege goes to: the dawg.
seams to me that you are a little angry about something. angry with yourself for sure.
argentina does not have amazing waves. but i prefer it to live in the states or england(and be a fucking slave of that system. drinking beer and watching tv. being brainwashed. read a book for a change partner!)How about some history pal? Do you know why Argentina is so fucked up? Mainly because of the us and england.

you sound like another uneducated redneck that does not even know how to grab a fork and a knife and feels insecure when meeting people from different cultures.

And nobody hates you or your people. No one gives a fuck about you in the first place.

By The Dawg , 30-10-2003

Argentina is Fun - Great country for some surf, however, the guys surfing around you are dumb S**ts as Argentinians alrady proved that they are not bright people and they are dummied down and this is why their banking system is a World Class embarrassement. The pussy is great in this country of dumb fools though and the women love the Americans since their own countrymen in Argentina are the most stupid men on the planet and the women have no one to speak to.

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