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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By VB local , 03-10-2005

East is way better than West! - I visited the west coast and its good, but you guys who can't surf that small stuff with your shortboards are just dumb, joking the east coast for its small surf. We get just as good and even better waves on the East than the west. I am not saying that all west coast surfers are dumb, but when you go west we rip. We can surf the tiny waves and get way more points in a comp. than the west crew.

By , 02-08-2004

Someone able to help me - Hei everyone, what's up, I'm travelling to California on thursday, I'm from Spain and I've been surfing for 2 years.
I'm just goin' alone and I will stay in Coronado, if someone lives close and wants to a friend for surfing contact with me please, I'm alone for the moment. THANKS

By Confused , 30-07-2004

I just realized - That the problem with surfing is that you have to choose only a few breaks and surf them most of the time. WHy? Because when its good at your home break, most likely its good everywhere else, especially during the winter. Now, do you really want to drive 1 hour to get to Rincon or Trestles and fight the crowds, or would you rather stay at your local break and get crappier waves with less people and get more time in the water. Thats a hard decision, but most of the time I'm going to pick the local break with less crowds and more water time.

By anonymous , 18-07-2004

whatever surf the east coast lacks, it..... - I know that plenty of people reading this will cuss and fume, but frankly I don't care. I come from the Eastern part of the United States, and much prefer the ocean there. The surf is definitely bigger on the West Coast, and for the most part the shore is prettier and more magnificient looking than the East Coast, with possible exception of Acadia N.P. area of Maine and a few blindingly white beaches on Gulf of Mexico in Florida and Alabama, but the Atlantic and Gulf are definitely warmer, at least in summer months, can surf or swim without dern wetsuit, especially Florida, and the East Coast does not have as many (there are some, of course, but not near as many) religious cult and New Age weirdos and other types of freaks like California ("la-la land") and localism and possessivism of waves like the West Coasters (surfers always complain, and rightfully so, about beach and ocean access, but what about access to waves - no one person, whether surfer, windsurfer, and simply person standing letting waves wash over top of them owns them, either). Would much rather surf Hawaii or Tahiti or someplace else with as big or bigger waves that West Coast but much warmer water and warmer and more down to earth people besides. Viva la East Coast surfing and surfers!!

By , 20-06-2004

HI I need help =( - hello this is luis mmmm I'am from south america and in my country I was learning how to surf like one month then I came here,I am in claifornia - QUEAIL VALEY .and as you know the beach is far from here is like one hour I think so... well scince I been here I went only one time to the beach huntintong beach or newport beach I guess . there was a store to rent surfborards but I was kind of scare to go in to the beach alone So I just wanna know If I can find there someone to orientate me or maybe you can tell me the name of some beach for begginers surfers well I hope you answer me cause I need to surf It's something that only the surfers can explain when you are running waves .please QUIERO SENTIR ESA ADRENALINA DEL SURF otra ves =)I am a begginer surfer but I wanna continue surfing casue I really like this sport I am 17 years old ok BYE PLEASE ANSWER ME OK !!!! THIS IS MY MAIL

By sonoma local... , 04-06-2004

Somethin missin? - Looks like CA got shorted a few counties??? Does the webmaster live in one of those places maybe??? Tough to protect your own spot while simultaneously selling the rest of us down the river...

By anonymous , 29-04-2004

blackpussy - Is the webmaster going to remove all these entries, looks like someonw did a nice spam job on ""

By anonymous , 15-04-2004

DEL NORTE - HOW BOUT, does surfing exist in del Norte???????

By Jay , 13-04-2004

Catalina? - Can you surf Catalina Island? I can't find any information on it anywhere. Does surfing even exist on Catalina? Just wondering.

By gulf surfer , 23-02-2004

Cali's best surf - What's up everybody. I grew up surfing florida's tiny surf but am being relocated to either San Diego or San Fran my choice. Wheres the better surf? Also, if anyone surfs Ocean Beach regularly is that place as much of a bitch to paddle out on as everyone says. Santa Cruz looks nice, but it sounds like the locals are big homos around there

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