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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By Eric B , 25-07-2008

visiting - heading out for a few weeks. is it best to wait till winter or fall? what are the must hit towns and beaches?

By Anonymous , 02-04-2008

maro - july waves
i am thinking on a surfari to santa barbara on july..i´ve noticed is the flat this really true ?it wouldn´t be swell enough for good spots to break?thanks.aloha

By frewuigi , 22-02-2008

frewuigi - Im confused where does the south coast fit into all of this . Or is that part of the east coast ??

By Anonymous , 02-09-2007

east coastwest coast - I love surfing east coast central florida because the water is clear, and so warm always waves in north central florida but also sharks too!!lots of marine life!
I would love to check out the west coast california santa cruz but fridgid waters cold ass waters...

By EAST VS. WEST DEBATE , 13-07-2007

Cali vs east coast - Pick a place on the east coast the size of california and then compare. I grew up on the east coast but moved to Cali 4 years ago. Southern Cali has way more consistant swell then southern east coast. However, east coast has more ridable days of surf. East coasters get gale winds for days at a time and surf big wind swell that cali guys wouldnt even bother paddling out in. As for the sharks, you have to be joking if you think that cali has more sharks then the east coast. NOAA Government and the GEP state that Florida has the most shark attacks out of any other spot in the world. (not the most fatal attacks, but the most attacks). ....ohhh yeah, bull kelp does suck.

By , 03-06-2007

LA - anyone been checking out la area lately. i'm going down there in a couple days and i was wondering wheres the best spot right now.

By Anonymous , 14-04-2007

eastcoasttoast - dude, if you think the east coast is better for surfing, you are an idiot. There is nothing anywhere on the east coast that can compare to a sliver of the spots in california or the northwest.

By Anonymous , 03-04-2007

Rip - New Rule. If you buy Rip Curl, you get dropped in on!!! World wide.

By , 02-04-2007

help wanted - does anyone know how to come up on a culinary job in panama? or indo?

By stu , 02-03-2007

Shark Park - it's a place none of you will ever surf, so get over it and stop talking about it.

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