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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 LA County

USA, California

Seasonal swell & wind variations:

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Jan/Feb Mar/Apr May/Jun Jul/Aug Sep/Oct Nov/Dec
Best Surfing Season
Typical Swell Size
Surf Equipment Fullsuit Fullsuit Springsuit Springsuit Springsuit Fullsuit
Water temp. 16°C
Air temp. 15°C

Seasonal swell & wind variations

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San Clemente Island 3 0

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Bay street santa monica
United States of America

Bay street santa monica
United States of America

Bay street santa monica
United States of America

Bay street santa monica
United States of America


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 Last surf sessions

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Pisco23 avatar
Topanga Point
By Pisco23
Jul 26, 2012
smal and clean - First time out at Topanga, tiny waves, but some fun on the sets, mix of longboarders and others, the quad fish proved easy for catching waves, even for an unfit old guy like me...  Highlights were the dolphins swimming past (as I was getting s
Pedro Mermaid avatar
By Pedro Mermaid
Sep 13, 2011
- short board beach and everyone is good. May go back next summer. not ready for this beach or locals tudes!
Pedro Mermaid avatar
Palos Verde - Bluff Cove
By Pedro Mermaid
Sep 12, 2011
- I'm not ready for this beach - too many rocks
Pedro Mermaid avatar
Lunada Bay
By Pedro Mermaid
Sep 7, 2011
- one of the locals helped me - and then he let me ride his $3000 board! wow! fun day even though it was pretty flat
Pedro Mermaid avatar
Lunada Bay
By Pedro Mermaid
Sep 4, 2011
lesson - fun day with my coach

 Last surf trips

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Pisco23 avatar
Trip: Family vacation in LA
By Pisco23
From Jul 12, 2012 to Aug 11, 2012
Family time, but maybe a few trips to the beach...
DrC123 avatar
Trip: Boo Hoo ... you really missed it!
By DrC123
From Apr 11, 2007 to Jun 7, 2007
Dawn breaks on a “June Gloom” Wednesday April morning in SOCAL. Fog, lowclouds with just a whisper of  SE Catalina coastal eddy. The surf forecast ... peaking long period, southern hemi SW swell , clean morning conditions with


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By earthstudent , 10-03-2012

lost surf spots - I began surfing at Ballona Creek in Playa del Rey ( near Venice) in 1963. Fun spot! . Great lests on a south swell.
They built a marina with a big breakwater in the mid 60's that wrecked the break.
Here's a link to a SURFER magazine article , an interview with Stacy Peralta. There is a photo that REALLY looks like the Creek in its heyday.

By luis Eduardo Cabrera Altuve , 12-07-2010

porfa respondan - amigos surferss voy a estar en california por la zona d rancho palos verde del 18 d julio como hasta el 15 d agosto tendre suertec con las olas ? hay olas en esa epoca por esa zona y cuales son los mejores spots que me quedan serca

By ell , 19-07-2007

is their any waves in summer? - next year i might come down to visit an aunt and it will be perfect for a surf trip. but because its completly flat in wales i'm having second thoughts in surfing the summer cause theirs an avarge of 3ft swell. which could get us a knee hight wave over here. is it still surfable of will it be best to go earlier?

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