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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By piglet128 , 13-11-2007

Waves - look at the new pictures and tell me there are no waves in israel

By Anonymous , 11-10-2006

my home break - this is my homebreak and when conditions are right, it is soooo good. the peack is next to the jetty when its a big day. When small, i would suggest other spots.

By Mel (M) , 01-10-2006

Hadromy/Ha Nifrad - Now that the 'Ha Nifrad' beach is listed, photo '#5 Date 2005-08-09 - Alon best young surfer in Israel' should now be portrayed under 'Ha Nifrad'.OK!

By Mel(M) , 15-06-2006

Hadromy - Herzliya Marina - In the early 90`s they built the Marina. Nir Almog (Topsy`s oldest & 'Intersurf`s founder) & me (Mel(M)) realized the NEW potential here. We surfed it as they built the jetty/wave-barrier & guess what, we were right! It turned out to be classic. It starts humping-up off the south-point of the jetty 500 metres from the beach. The sea floor is a long gradual sandy slope with a sandbar before the beach. The waves break classically frontside & reform & jack-up on the sandbar. I`ts VERY consistent here year-round. Early morning & late afternoon are super classic here. The locals are mega-'ucla'(very friendly)but, be careful of the fucking jet-ski extrovert wankers who just can`t do it on a stand-up surfboard!! If they get too near go to one of the older surf-farts & he`ll shoo-em off. DON`T be a hero! These pricks can be just stupid & brainless!! (It rarely happens during powerful swells & NEVER in the 'winter').
The developers took away a stretch of a good surfing beach when they built the Marina but, "Neptune" compensated us, & today we`re really lucky to have this break.
Another thing, open up the photos above to see the real good waves. The photos need to be re-arranged to show it`s 'real glory'!

By anonymous , 11-05-2004

Get real- 6.5 wave?!? - It is my home spot and as much as I love it, if we get a 3 feet swell we r soooooooooooooooo lucky...

By anon , 27-07-2003

what the..... - spell it in english you kooks

By anonymous , 24-04-2003

no title - must be a local!

By anonymous , 24-04-2003

no title - You couldn't kick your way out of a paper bag. Whats a dum bass?

By anonymous , 23-04-2003

Wot tha fuk? - 6.5ft wave- where the fuk are your eyes... idiots! Keep your shit wave!

By ramat hasharon , 25-12-2002

äãøåîé - äçåó ùì äøîú ùøåðé÷éí - úôñé÷å ìäâéòä ìçåó äæä
æä çåó ø÷ ùì øîú äùøåï
ùëåìí éæãééðå îùí!

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