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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Seasonal swell & wind variations

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Cotillo beach
Canary Islands

Cotillo beach
Canary Islands

Cotillo beach
Canary Islands

Cotillo beach
Canary Islands


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 Last surf sessions

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Warrel52 avatar
By Warrel52
Feb 17, 2012

Los Hoteles
By roberto appleby
Jan 19, 2011
- top end of flag beach by the hotels - entubadera.lots of surf camps beginners here  dunno why its a beach with a rocky seabed and it breaks when it hits the shelf 50 meters out. catch a wave look down and all you can see through the 1ft  of

Playa blanca
By roberto appleby
Jan 19, 2011
- good for beginners although it was a bit onshore wind waves and messy when we were there - better than a face full of rock

By roberto appleby
Jan 13, 2011
fun fun fun - this is a great spot and when everywhere else is big it can still be small - everyone knows this. the best thing you can do if your'e a visitor like me is dawn patrol it. it doesnt take long before the crowds appear then it becomes a free for all

Cotillo beach
By roberto appleby
Jan 12, 2011
phew! - waves close out on shallow shifting sand bars and provide fast barrels if youre good enough to cope with it all. most of the better surfers are on the next beach closest to the cliff. r.e. the main beach I found the waves better either just to the le

 Last surf trips

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skan avatar
Trip: Fuerte Ventura (ES)
By skan
From Oct 22, 2007 to Oct 29, 2007
l'ultima settimana di ottobre a Fuerte ventura,buone condizioni, spot- medio difficili, nonostante ciò ho imparato qualcosa.


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By summermaldives , 25-05-2010

Maldives Surf Season - Surfing in Maldives
Surfing came to the Maldives in the late 70s. In 1973 Tony Hinde an Australian surfer took a break from surfing in Sri Lanka and together with a friend set sail for the Africa. He was never to reach his destination. His ship seriously off course was shipwrecked on the shore breaks of Male'. Tony discovered the thrill of surfing on the Maldivian reefs. He changed his name to Tony Hussein Hinde, married a local lady, opened his own surf agency and decided to stay for good.

By Anonymous , 09-03-2010

March 2010- Fun surf - Spent a week with my 13 and 10 year old daughters at Quikkie surf school. Fun waves waist to shoulder high at Punta Blanca (right) and Boneyards( left)on the North Shore; Flag Beach was 2-4ft and side offshore- fun! The wind really blows here and changes direction day to day. You must have a vehicle to move around to find the right break for the day. Big tide swings,too. Water quality perfect, 66 F and crystal clear. Waves are powerful and the reefs- lava rock, a few urchins. Recommend for a winter surf trip in Europe.

By moosey , 16-11-2009

el muelle - check this every morning had it sick in october about 6 times with only 2 - 3 people in.awsome left hander lots of speed and good sections

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