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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 Virgin Islands

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By Anonymous , 16-01-2008

It depends... - Well my Irish friend, respect cause im half Irish too... as everybody has been saying, throughout the caribbean if tourists treat the locals with respect then its all irie, i was born in the BVI and have always lived there and i know first hand, ignorant tourists piss off locals and create a bad atmosphere, if you get there, get to a beach or a bar and chill with the local crew. If you have any connections its even better, and not being biased but the BVI generally have a better party atmosphere...

By Anonymous , 09-01-2008

Is the localism that bad? - I'm an Irish surfer that wants to visit the US Virgin Islands next year. I'd love to camp out, meet the locals, have a few beers and catch a few waves. I'll be doing a world trip with my girlfriend and I thought it would be a great place to go. However...from what this forum says I have my doubts

By tommylsu , 21-10-2007

Movin' on - Hey, I'm a statesider trying to move down island. The USVI are real inviting. I want nothing more than to surf and dive, any advice, how much do I need to save to get my feet on the ground down there?

By Judge Not! , 18-05-2007

Statesider? - Hey jim were you born and raised st.thomas? Or are you too a statesider? hmmmmmmm?

By , 06-04-2007

caribsurfer - the problem is statesider come here with their stateside attitudes,then the problems start,give a good island vibe and we cool!!!pleanty of killer waves to go braddas,we'll even show good places to party!

By Anonymous , 06-04-2007

- Caret Bay goes off!!! Difficult to find, but very rewarding.

By Anonymous , 20-02-2007

Yes I! - Da local crew dem always friendly in BVI, di only time day get on dem bad side is wen ya mess... I agree wid dat las message about da US, for true, get yaself ova to Tortola or VG an have a good time widout violence...

By Martin , 20-01-2007

Get yourself to BVI - I must say the US Virgin Islands sound thoroughly unpleasent in terms of violence , localism etc . Sounds like the USA has had a similar effect there they have had in Iraq !
Get yourself over to Tortola , in winter it has great waves and is usually friendly

By Anonymous , 19-01-2007

to William Douglas - You're the ignorant fuck, and it's called VIrgin Islands Creole English, and it's mixed with West African, which is why you can't understand it.

By William Douglas , 04-12-2006

The locals there SUCK!! - I was visiting St Thomas on a cruise in september and checked out some waves on the northside. A guy from the states said I should check out Carret Bay. So I took a cab over and when i got there, some local guy said that I shouldn't paddle out bc I would get my ass kicked..The wave was about 4-5 ft and going off, I can see why they're tough, but i wasn't going to violate the rules of surfing.. before I even paddled out three guys started yelling at me ( I dont know what the fuck they were saying, not too bright I guess, bcause it sounded like english?)It ended in a yelling/ shoving match, in which my board took a ding and I left without getting wet, and spending 30$ to get there..Thats ridiculous that here is a US TERRITORY or so they claim, yet this goes on.. I talked to a police officer and he said to let it go, that I was lucky I didnt get worse..All I can say is WOW!@ I hope some of those ignorant fucks I saw out there make it to the Lane or Stockton Ave.. I'm sure there are great people there as well but the guys at carret give that place a bad name... I think massive pics and surfer mag publicity will do them good!! But dnt worry guys, you can still vote in the VI's

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