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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Anonymous , 31-12-2009

tobago - its not that bad, live lived there quite a while and that is probably an isolated incident. Mount Irvine have become overcrowded and that has sparked tension from the regulars, but once u aren't pushy its all good. Mount Irvine is one if the only consistent breaks on the island, thus the overcrowdedness. But, trust me, there are at least 5 good places that I have surfed and a lot more given the right season, once you know where to go of course.

By Anonymous , 28-04-2009

some things - Hi,I live in french guyana and i would like to go have a surf in tobago.Please, do locals guy or peoples who've already been there could give me more details?
I come alone so is it dangerous for a girl, where can i find cheap places to sleep and is it easy to find places for surfing?

By Anonymous , 11-04-2009

localism - url thought burning boards was bad. I saw a local guy bring a knife out in the line up, swim over to a yank and stabbed and slashed about 8 holes in his board before threatening to kill him. He guy swam all the way back to the next bay cus he was scared to go back on the beach. rightfully so.

By Anonymous , 11-04-2009

- locals of fed up of the foreigners. There is a no tolerance policy.

By Anonymous , 15-06-2008

Tobago 1975 - Yea, The lifeguard Michael Baker was his name. No locals, pumping surf. Too bad, it was a world class point. Maybe Fort Point to the north will weed out the wienies that can't surf worth a shit.

Shark Bait

By Anonymous , 25-04-2008

Im going anyway - Gotta go to Tobago for family reasons, reckon I will catch some waves whilst I'm there as would hate to visit a foreign country and not sample the surf. Is the attitude reaaally THAT bad? I'm happy to leave the locals to it. There anywhere to rent boards?

By Justin , 29-03-2008

Not really Tobago - Half of these shots are not even Tobago. Irvine is not a bad spot but certainly not worth a surf trip.I've been to so many other islands with more than ONE descent surf spot.

By Anonymous , 29-12-2007

Well we wont sell you any boxes - OK idiot if you need a box then you will ave to make it out of coconut trees but they will look funny when they have your head on it

By Anonymous , 14-10-2007

DO COME HERE - I bet that guy who wrote the comment about sending you home in a box is some stupid rich boy from Trinidad who thinks that he and he crew own de place. Well brudda, you doesn't. Massa day done. The sea belongs to everybody and it's people like you that end up one day in a box.

Maybe one day you will leave your tiny island and travel to other surf zones, and hopefully when you are there you will meet people who aren't like you when you go to surf their waves. Any maybe then you will learn that there is more to life than being an idiot. Go on, give it a try. There's still time to change.

By never know who , 12-07-2007

shame on locals - come and ride powder with me on my moutain! surfers my ass! you should think about!

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