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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaia surfboard in Lances Left, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Tuamotu Islands

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By Bruno , 18-07-2004

bookings for the Cascade - Book w/ site and avoid Wavehunters. Grant is great and totally ethical.

By anonymous , 29-06-2004

paradise - i think one charter boat is enough for this region. lets not exploit this paradise. i know for a fact other boats are already planning to charter the tuamotu's. Hoping chris and manoa make it hard for them. may be im selfish, but when i go back i dont want to be surfing with a bunch of seppo kooks.p.s black tips do bite!

By Grant , 26-06-2004

Paradise - Life is pretty good in the tuamotu check out the site

By poisson crue tastes like fish , 12-04-2004

local hospitality ? - arent you an aussie chris ? lots of aloha and mana to you kameameacallaghan.

By , 17-03-2004

surf at tikeho - good session at tikeho pass at the end of february with andy aaron and vetea david
good swell and a right wave about 2m

By filetiel hotmail , 11-01-2004

do it truly - bring your hotie lady and everything gonna be all right,Y spent 3 months in this spot the locals are really friendly,
be your self and be a pussy bastard with locals things. you can cam really near the spot and for the guys with big pockets there is a hostal in front the spot, y make friends really fast there because Y came from CHILE and the locals dont really like the life style from europe or usa, they say that the surfers from those places get a boat trip they not even care about the name of the island they surf and then leave, Y saw this type of things when Y was there, but if you arent like that and you doit at the hard way you are gonna have a really good trip, make friends.
in ranguiroa you will never gonna feel empty stomach there are chickens everywere you have to be a jungle boy and you be find, be scared about the reef more than of the sharks
Ysurf every day some times alone and Y saw a few reef sharks. go and have fun be scared of been friendly they also are friendlylocals

By , 13-12-2003

g - Apataki on a S - in the shade for 100 yards.

By anonymous , 13-12-2003

g - There are few people with knowledge of how to get it in the Tuamotus. I have read some stories about Chris and the guys that run the charter out there. They know what is up. It is an expensive proposition to run that type of gas to get the boat out there and around. That is the reason the tour is so expensive, I can imagine. I sailed through the area in 99 and took alot of time trying to figure out which atolls had good passes and were surfable. The sharks are insane! Also the currents at certain tides/swells. The freediving is also incredible. Some spots you can get a long ride, kick out and let the current drag you back out in the lineup - no paddle! (It can also go in reverse also and you can end up heading out to sea also. You really have to fight to keep your catch in any pass - the sharks are ruthless and you can't have fear if you have a fish at hand. I just hope that it doesn't turn into an indo-boat setup. It is too pristine and virgin. It is so much more soul to have to make a pacific crossing and enjoy the reward of finding waves on your own than to pay 4K to get dropped off in the pass. No glory there.

By NAS , 29-08-2003

Not so angry this time - A boat will help you out during certain times of the year. But, there are boat restrictions during the cyclone season so sometimes the govt can/will keep you out. South swells get to a few places here, but in my opinion your better off somewhere else. I’ll give you a hint though, you don’t want any south swell for the highest quality spots. If your thinking of paying for the tour, I’m sure they will take you to some spots you couldn’t get to otherwise. But, the best spots are accessible by plane/cargo ship/local guide for much less. The other spots are found on small uninhabited atolls near the main spots. But, these waves are usually short, shallow, shifty, windprone and shark infested. Cross-up swells create havoc on these atols. Very dangerous for even the seasoned south pac dude.

By Not a sellout , 27-08-2003

webmaster - Could you delete my prior message. I really didn’t mean to get threatening, I was just venting, which was poor judgement on my part. I’ll write another comment and give more info if you delete my first comment. Thanks.

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