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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaia surfboard in Lances Left, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Anonymous , 08-04-2012

Batiluva - For anyone planning on surfing Frigates or staying at Batiluva. Stayed here recently and must advise about a few things. First..Insane Wave!! Surfed all over the world and Frigates is no joke. Very Good. Food at Batiluva is super!! Accomidations are very simple. If you bring your girl she better be able to for a lack of better words rough it. Cold water showers,no AC etc. Sharon who runs the camp is cool but a bit crazy. If she wasnt blown out on Morphine and wouldnt yell at the Fijian employess things might be better. She has already been beaten up by them years ago. This place is cool but definately not run by surfers for surfers. For example, If you want to go check the surf in the morning and its not good yet, dont plan on another check in a few hours. She only lets the boat go to the spot once a day. This is lame. Any Surfer knows we like to surf all day. And not have to sit in a 12ft dingy all day just waiting for it turn on. Very frustraiting. Beware of your bill at the end. 175 per day!! A bit expensive especially if you are with your girlfriend or wife who doesnt surf. If she is basically sitting in a hammock throughtout the trip @175 per day this can blow. Should definately be a surfer and non surfer rate. 175 per day all inclusive? Nope! If you plan on having a beer at night prepare to pay. Not a cool suprise at the end of the trip. Bring a bottle of rum from the mainland? Yes but dont let sharon see or you will be charged. WTF?? Dont like to be a hater but this is a sight for surfers by surfers intended to share experiences for the best possible future trips. Right?

By Anonymous , 20-11-2009

- I just spent a week surfing Frigates and it was great, the waves were fun when small and sick when bigger. Stayed at Yanuca Island Resort for a reasonable price and it was only a 20 minute boat ride to the break.

By Eric , 02-05-2009

deals in these times? - Just planning to stop in fiji in mid september on the way from oz to cali. it looks like the best options for budget in terms of time in quality waves are Waidroka and Seashell, would anyone comment on the likelihood of getting a good deal in this harsh economic climate. It seems prudent to maybe split time beetween the two, surfing frigates from waidroka and wilkes and namatu? from seashell.

By Anonymous , 03-04-2008

anuda island - hy.... i was 12 years ago at anuda island and i surf Frigates Passage injoy alot
some one know the phone nm of the guy that making reservation there?
and the prices today? it was 30 usd befor how much is today
thank you
ari haddad israel

By Anonymous , 06-12-2007

Friagtes & Waidroka - Surfed Friagtes and stayed at Waidroka in September this year. Had an awsome time and will definatley be back. Thanks to the owners, Boris & Karin and of course most importantly Ponti, who took care of us throughout. Resort was beautiful and waves on par with some of the best waves I had surfed so far in my life...

By Anonymous , 28-11-2007

Great surf at Frigates and awsome experience overall - Surfed Frigates with Waidroka a while ago and had some of the best waves of my life together with pipe and Serua , the right hander which worked one day. We stayed at Waidroka for 5 nights and it was myself and 2 other surfers and we had a blast. There where some other surfers and divers at the resort and the atmosphjere was great. The food and hospitality where the best we ever had and we felt truely at home. Pipe is a challenge when big and Frigates was just the best wave ever. We where truely stoked and will be back...

By Anonymous , 26-11-2007

Stop the badmouthing... - We are all not interested in all this bad mouthing, but rather want to find out about waves and experiences. I myself have stayed at Waidroka and Batiluva on my last stay and found both great value and surf. Waidroka did have an advantage of having a variety of surf breaks and some right handers, as well as if there was no surf was very close to many excursions on the main island, as well as had better amenities. Batiluva was more remote and secluded. As to this new resort I only heard bad stuff about it from the Fijians, which I tend to believe, however everyone to their own true experiences - let's keep this forum clean from trash or resort owners trying to promote their own resort by giving resort websites or saying go there...

By Anonymous , 24-11-2007

Matanivusi a Ripp-Off !!! STAY AWAY! - Stayed at Matanivusi and the laid-back owner Donna was an absolute nightmare. I was totally on my own the food was average and the resort was very expensive. I couldn't go to Frigates and the local breaks advertised where all not working (never!). The only break they took me to was Pipe, which was surfed by another resort - Waidroka, which seemed to have many guests and they where surfing all over (including Frigates). In my view the resort is remote, expensive and the owners are not accommodating at all but rather difficult and money oriented. Finally when speaking to the locals Matanivusi was not liked at all and they seemed to have many issues with the various villages around due to all sorts of money promises. I will not return or go there again and was actually very disappointed with the whole experience.

By Anonymous , 04-11-2007

Matanivusi - Just did a stint on the coral coast found it quite hard to get in quality surf time because of a few factors.most operators wont go out unless you have acrew 4 plus.the last 4 days I found matanivusi eco resort and everthing is at your doorstep hasle free value for money and the owner is surfing with you even if your on your own.Cant go wrong.I met a lot of surfers on the flight back home who didnt even get in the water.

By Anonymous , 11-10-2007

Alternative Surf resort on Coral Coast - There is a new surf / eco resort opened on Coral Coast Fiji called Matanivusi Surf Resort Fiji see
This is run by a couple of Aussies which while laid back is really nice place to stay has fantastic pool overlooking the lagoon & has great Surf on the local reefs. They also goo out to Frigate which Brian the owner has been surfing for over 10 years so knows like the place really well. Worth checking out for a place to take teh lady & have great surf. Cheers Pearso

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