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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Swanboure beach

Australia, WA, Perth City

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By Anonymous , 29-04-2007

errr right - the day swanny holds 10ft + is the day i score perfect 4 foot triggs by myself. who types up these reports? (kids who havent learned to stand up is my guess...)

By nic barclay , 30-03-2007

nic barclay - yeh so i was out one day and it was inconsistient and cold about 3 ft and i bodysurfed pretending to film and it was so gnarly man like radical and i got a barrel view :)p.s this is actually nic barclay not some idiot pretending lol rofl roflmao

By Anonymous , 06-01-2007

- cott barrels perfectly at 5-6 ft on a massive swell so why would you go to swanny closeouts on a big swell, i know exactly which swells to go to swanny on to get perfect uncrowded waves

By Anonymous , 13-12-2006

yoo homies - yer to the guy below i totally agree with you i went there on a massive swell cos cott was packed and i wasnt gona come all the way and not surf neways it swung offshore and i started crying it was pretty big and very very wide and suck the reef u get a barrel and then get owned on the shorey but yer the second best pic isnt big but it does get big and good its seriously so fun

By Anonymous , 18-08-2006

if u think swannys bad - take a look at best photo number 16, at the moment its second in the best photo list and it says: swanny winter 05, orite day. chubba riding, cam shooting. then tell me swanny doesnt get big u fags. btw there hasnt been much banks this winter but ive been going out, pretty fun closeouts.

By , 12-07-2006

Braydog - Brayden Honda 05 best bodyboarder ever in the world reportsing live scabs mainbreak sum quailty 2ft, ohhhhhh i did a sikk sppinna

By anonymous , 06-06-2006

anonymous - ive seen bigger rolls than that on ur fat chod

By anonymous , 24-04-2006

SWANNY DUMPERS!!!! - surfed this wave on a 3 metere swell over head high straight onto sand {{{riduculous}}} my freind was goin dk and on one wave scrapped then sand went head first into sand broken nose intense surf this break so fun

By anonymous , 16-04-2006

james hareford suks - you guys need to find a better wave it so crap it like worse than burns beach
Also won of the pics says barrol roll james hareford i wouldnt show ne 1 that pic it so crap ive seen bigger rolls in the backery

By anonymous , 16-04-2006

- why the #### do people put pictures of chickens on here

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