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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaia surfboard in Lances Left, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Australia, WA, Margaret River South

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By Anonymous , 04-09-2008

- This wave has snapped more of my sticks than Escondido, very punchy.

By solo , 28-08-2007

lids - youll never see a lid walk down here solo, they always surf in groups for some reason. You can bet it was a lid that posted this spot on the net.

By Anonymous , 19-04-2007

- Can you still drive down there in a 4x4?

By anonymous , 28-04-2006

baha - i agrree, what idiot posted this wave.
u imbecile.
by the way, being a standup myself i thought i'd let ya all know that bodyboarders own it. So if u get pissed off hiking a km down the beach to c it crowded with boogers like me, then just go to gas (whic is also owned by boogers) so yeh just stay in perth eh.

By anonymous , 27-03-2006

- i thought more like 25ft at least, deffinant XXL wave contender

By anonymous , 17-03-2006

awesome - This is the best beachie in WA for sure....perfect banks, bugger all crowds and the clearest water you will see....winter can get very big and out of control but summer/autumn is damn good.

By nick , 25-02-2006

just wonderin - just wondering if you thought posting 'all surfers' was correct .it is probably the heaviest beachie in west aus and it'd rub shoulders with places like redsands and DBah[on big days] if u ask opinion though

By quokadile , 16-02-2006

my fave - gotta be the best beachie in west oz

By don (olas) juan , 18-09-2005

just a thought - Got to lookin at the site to quell my no surf starvation (inland Borneo) and hook into my lil' brown dog ther's Boodji!. I love the pic of the wave with the guy duck divin. It brought back the past to me -deserted, chilly 6ft offshore autumn mornings (aaaahhhhh the memories just come floodin back). I agree with the cat what wrote it's the West Oz Escondido. I spent 4 months in Puerto in 93 and surfed Margarets over a 20 year period. Ounce fer ounce it's got the same power but I reckon Boodji's got better shape and longer barrels. Just a personal opinion y'all

By anonymous , 20-12-2004

- me get big barrel boodj eat my board!!watch out for mick and his multiple wetsuits!!!!he will ride down deep in there brah!!!

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