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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 China beach


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By Jack B. Nimble , 14-08-2006

Accuracy, dude! - The name of the film is Apocalypse, Now!

The famous "Vietnam" wave spot that gave rise to the Colonel Kilgore (Robert Duvall) quote of "Charlie Don't Surf" was of course NOT China Beach. Coppola shot this film around 1987 - and no way was the Vietnam govt going to "trade with the enemy", that is, Hollywood at that time. And vice versa. As everyone (else) knows, the movie was shot in the Philippines. The wave featured is actually at a place called Baler, northeast Luzon.

Meantime, how about some info about the SURF at China Beach??? Or elsewhere in 'Nam?

By , 06-08-2006

oil rig job - hey John, are working on a oil rig or some thing like that off vietnam??
if you are how did you get into that?
im looking for a job on a oil rig, ill work anywhere but in southeast asia would be the best.
im not sure how to get job and what experience you need,
in 22years old and a plumber by trade from australia.
if you could send me any info it would be very much appreated

thanks Andrew Otvos

By , 02-08-2006

China Beach Waves - Hey, on another message about renting boards at china beach i left my tel. number, but it was wrong.
So the right number is 0914 30 10 72 or 0511 95 60 52.
If you want to rent surfboards, this time you'll find us.

Right now some 5-7 ft swell is coming through, peak time around the 4th of august.

greetings, Gunnar

By Not a movie buff - just a surfer , 28-07-2006

What the?? - Who bloody well cares. Astounding. What about the surf you drop kicks!!

By trivia guy , 17-07-2006

hes right - it was the phillipines

By John K. , 11-07-2006

You missed the point - The point I was trying to make was that Apacolypse Now was not filmed in Vietnam. I don't really give a shit where it was filmed but thought is was filmed in Thailand. People think it was filmed in Vietnam & it wasn't. The yanks had an embargo on Vietnam for 25 years after they pulled out in 1975.It has only opened up to tourism & foriegn investment in the last few years.
I work about 160km offshore Vung Tau & have been over here for 4 years.
The best swell is up north during Typhoon season. There are also some islands that catch some swell.
Vung Tau gets some swell but the water is very polluted.
This is a coastal city where the mekong empties into the south china sea.
The Vietnamese people are very friendly & always happy.
I have not met any that surf.
If you are coming to Vietnam to surf do it before it gets spoiled by tourism.

By Gunnar Moeller , 09-07-2006

Surfboardrental Non Nuoc - I have been living at China beach for two years renting boards from 6,3 to 9 foot...
season starts in september until late march / april

Now the government kicked us off the beach to build another resort. But we've build a new house next to the Army base between Furama Resort and The Marble Mountains.

So if you want to rent Boards, call us 0904 30 10 72 , greetings Gunnar and Thom

By John K is so worng , 08-07-2006

Apocalypse Now = Baler, Philippines - John K, so Apocalypse Now was filmed in Thailand??? ha ha ha that's pretty funny. It is you who needs to 'get it right'! Apocalypse Now was filmed in the Philippines. Please see the film, 'Hearts of Darkness' - a documentary about the making of Apocalypse Now, and then shut your trap!!!

By Anonymous , 07-07-2006

john knob - apocalypse now was filmed in the philippines but it was meant to represent this beach

By chris. , 01-07-2006

Surf in Hoi An - Hi,
I'm very new to surfing, as in had one wkend in Newquay with some friends last month, we all had ago and with the help of awesome instructers, managed to stand and turn a little, only catching small waves tho, on a 9' long board.

I'm in North Vietnam now, going to head south on Wednesday (12th July) I've looked thro previous posts it's between Mui Ne Beach or Hoi An I think. Does anyone have an idea which would be better this time off year? One post recomends Hoi An and said you can rent from Safari Bar, sopunds great but it was an old post does anyone know if this is still true?

Any help between now and Monday eve would be great. If not I'll post to say how I got on anyway.



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