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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Sri Lanka

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By , 23-05-2006

going to sri lanka in july and august - my name is mike me and my girl frend are going to sri lanka in july and august we are planing to do some volontry work meet meet some peopol and have some fun

any one know wat the surf will be like?

By , 22-05-2006

Traveling Alone? - Hi im an irish guy that will be traveling alone to Sri Lanka and hopefully surfing from the 1st-24th of June. If anyone is in a similliar situation please contact me and we can share traveling costs and maybe get better accommadation rates.

By , 21-05-2006

Heading to Arugam Bay in June, what is security like now? - HI, I am heading to Arugam Bay in late June with my wife for a surf trip. How is the area security-wise right now. Is it still relatively safe to transit via car from Colombo to Arugam Bay and back? If any of you have recent experience in regard to hiring a car, etc to get from Airport to A-Bay and back, with prices paid, etc, please let me know as soon as you can.


Will Van De Berg
Kabul, Afghanistan

By , 20-05-2006

arriving 24 may - hi..older surfer and wife from perth, australia..arriving sri lanka on may 24.
taking board but having not been there before, any advice would be appreciated..
just looking for a few waves..shape and size doesnt really matter...just want to veg out and get a few waves while im there.
we are staying at beruwala for a few days then travelling down the coast for around 5 days and ending up at galle...
any advice on renting a car / driver and maybe someone who knows the beaches and the tourist must sees...
would be appreciated.
am heading off to the maldives for a few days after srilanka.

By Friend , 15-05-2006

You should read the news before going to Sri lanka - If you have not been scared off by the recent bomb attacks and the now current civil war which has started in late April then make sure you pack a bullet proof vest and war helmet. EVen the international peace keeping monitors have been shot at last week. The govt is back to air raids and combat which means the LTTE will not take it laying down and retaliate. You're brave men heading over to A'Bay. Send some money to thee poor buggers who were affected by the tsunami though if you don't go.

By Shane , 15-05-2006

should i take 8'2 or 6'9 board - I am going to land 2 july 06 and will be surfing east coast but have not decided which board to take any help would cool.I mainly use my 8'2 in Perth Western Australia

By Need HelP!!! , 08-05-2006

after the tsu - Does anybody know if the tsunami has afectted the sand bars of POTTUVIL POINT and CROCODILE ROCK??And if it has, are they going to be okay for this july???Please awnser!!!!

By What a shame , 27-04-2006

Arugam Bay off limits again - Big problems in SL again after a couple of years of good peace but after the last couple of months and the recent bombing in Colombo the Govt have resumed the air strikes in the Northand East on LTTE bases a couple of days ago. This means traveling to A'Bay is stupid to say the least. Best to check govt advisories from your country and avoid at all costs, Colombo is still ok but check points everywhere as of yesterday and over 100 dead in last couple of weeks. LTTE getting moreand more desperate and going over to the bays is now dangerous.

By , 25-04-2006

going yo arugam in july - Hi, my name is Pedro and I want to go to arugam bay in July to surf, does anydody know how safe it is?(im going with my girlfriend)and is the surf good?Ive heard that the tourist dont respect the surfing rules in the water and that they are pretty crappy and cokey, is it true?well it would be great if you could send me some info to my email!!cheers mates!!
p.d:if someone needs some info about surfing in spain im from a town next to mundaka so just send a mail

By Local , 16-04-2006

Don't expect much from SL - Sri Lanka is average in all departments, the surf the people the vibe everything. Some days are good in the water but if everyone who goes there is honest it is crowded and full of wankers from everywhere around the world, even guys and girls from UK/Israel/Italy etc who can't surf but are the "Big Surf Trip Man" but are carving it up if you ask them! the local surfers are pretty good and are getting more and more aggro towards foreigners each season, worst of all the tourists try to speak their 3-4 words in Sinhala and call the local guys "Machung" etc. which makes it worse and just makes them look like idiots, but unfortunatly they thinkit is cool and add to their attitude theat they have loads of money and act like they are suddenly high rollers but they all back at home they are a regualr Joe and probably have nothing. Every tourist snakes each other and it is normal to see 4/5 people riding the one wave and dropping in. Add to this the Long board riders, not the real longboarders who rip but the ones who can stand up on a long board but can't ride a shortboard, take the waves right out wide and surf through the pack then without hisitation paddle straight back to the take off and go again & again. Get the picture! this is the real story, I've lived here and surfed here for years, some touring surfers are great, usually the ones who are from the real surfing countries and they are easy going, the rest of them are jerks and treat the place like a disco. The tourists think the locals enjoy them being there, when they sit around and chat about it they have had a gutfull. So there you go, don't come here if you have a group of 10 come on your own or with a good mate.

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